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How to solve "LastPass strange encryption characters instead your sites" problem ?

lastpassFreeware multi-platform and multi-browser password managers like LastPass not only makes your life easier filling passwords but also saves your time filling forms.

Recently my LastPass installation developed a strange bug after update to Firefox 8 Beta - instead of real decoded values it started filling out strange encrypted login data resulting in failing logins. Luckily, I was able to get rid of this problem using the simple trick posted below.

Strange Encrypted Data Instead Of Login

Lastpass corrupted login text

To get rid of this LastPass data corruption issue, you simply need to delete the locally cached copy of LastPass encrypted data and make it download a fresh-one from their servers using the method below.

  1. Login to your LastPass account.
  2. Now navigate to LastPass Icon > Tools > Clear Local Cache.
  3. Lastpass Tools
    Lastpass Clear Cahe
  4. LastPass will confirm the action, click "yes" or "No" as per your preference.
  5. lastPass OTP
  6. Now, logoff and relogin to your lastpass account using the addon and the problem should be solved.


Thank you for this simple and very useful trick.

No issue for me.

I use Password Exporter ff add-on.

Auto saves password/user with one click.
Auto fills in passwords.
Import/export password files.

Use [master password] ff option to encrypt in browser.

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