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Getting Rid Of "Access Denied" Error With "Using Keyboard-Interactive Authentication" Prompt In SSH

Putty and WinSCP are two most popular free tools to work with Secure Shell (SSH), I have used both the tools occasionally for past few years but for some reason started to received "Access Denied" errors with "Using Keyboard-Interactive Authentication" prompt as I tried everything to make sure I am using the right login and password combination but nothing worked.

After researching on Linux forums, every solution I found asked to setup and use automated password-less SSH connections by generating private and secure keys on both sides of connection to solve the issue. But I tried a different and very simple approach and surprisingly it worked fine, to solve the issue all you need to do is to use the "putty.exe" command-line version as shown below.

putty.exe -l [LOGIN] -pw [PASSWORD] [HOST]

You can also create a batch file as shown below to automate the process.


I do hope for you that is not your real username and password.
Obfuscating it like that is not very good.
One can see the top pixels of the chars and the chars are just blurred. That’s not non-extractable or non-reproducable.
One only has to guess the font you’re using, or with a bit of image-skills use an automated text recognition.

Just for your consideration on security. :)

On the application, expand the Connection category, then expand SSH group.

Click on Auth

Deselect Attempt "keyboard-interactive" auth (SSH-2)

You will need to set this for esch new session unless you save a connection.

I spent days immersed in lofty geeks forum, each with its thousands of codes and impossible actions, then you come and solve the problem with a simple BAT, you're a genius, really useful.

When I de-select "Attempt "Keyboard-interactive" auth (SSH-2)", I get a Putty Fatal Error pop up box that states:

Disconnected: No supported authentication methods available (server sent: public key, keyboard-interactive)

Any thoughts?

You saved my life man!!

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