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TorrentPrivacy - High Speed, Secure, Anonymous Torrent Downloading; Exclusive Invites Giveaway

There are tons of free and paid anonymous VPN services but majority of them don't allow P2P traffic thus blocking torrent downloading, if you are concerned about your privacy while downloading torrents you have no option but to opt for a specialized high-speed, secure and anonymous paid torrent downloading service like TorrentPrivacy which offers a fully anonymous and secure encrypted SSH tunnel for downloading making your browsing invisible to anybody in between, including your ISP.

Torrent Privacy

The best thing about TorrentPrivacy is its fool-proof setup - all you need to do is to launch the software and choose your nearest location, TorrentPrivacy will now launch its secure custom version of uTorrent allowing high-speed secure torrent downloads, the good news is that we have been provided five free exclusive one-month accounts for out blog readers.

TorrentPrivacy In Action

TorrentPrivacy Anonymous Web-proxy

TorrentPrivacy Features:

* No configuration needed. Installation and usage at one click only!
* Privately configured torrent client is already included into the pack.
* Secure access to trackers through our web-proxy tracker access.
* Encrypted secure connection for BT downloads through SSH protocol.
* Privacy guaranteed while downloading torrents with TorrentPrivacy.
* Automatic connection restore if it's broken.
* Speed up to 100 Mb/s : No bandwidth capping

If you are looking for a secure and private torrent downloading service I would strongly suggest in favor of TorrentPrivacy.Com, for getting a free account simply promote this post on your blog/social bookmarking service and send-in the url via contact form (only five accounts availble, first come first serve).


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