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What to Do if You Get Stuck Writing a College Paper

All those stories you hear about people who are amazing at what they do but an inexplicable force makes them freeze – are true. There’s such a thing that’s called a writer’s block. It’s something even the best writers struggle with. Therefore, you as a student with dozens of things on your to do list and assignment after assignment, are bound to feel this way. If you are really struggling to write an essay, you are not the only one. In fact, you’re just like any other student out there.

For some students, the problem is the research. For others, it’s the writing itself. Some can’t come up with a good idea or title and others can’t organize their ideas. No matter how much writing experience you have and how many writing courses you’ve completed, this can still happen to you.
So, if you’ve ever found yourself thinking: ‘I can’t write my essay’, here is the answer to all your questions.

1. Just Start Writing
Forget about the idea of an ideal first paragraph and an essay that is perfect. Free writing is the best tool you have when you are stuck on essay. There will be a chance for you to edit your writing and tackle the details but now, just focus on writing.

Without thinking about grammar, details, or citations, start typing or writing down your ideas. Jump into the fray without giving it a lot of thought. Your writing doesn’t have to be great or even highly academic. When you have the ideas on paper, you can fix it.


Aiming for perfection from the very beginning is often the reason for such frustration. If you don’t focus on the phrases and the formatting, and get rid of the idea that everything has to be polished in the first draft, you can easily kill off that writer’s block.

2. Use Technology
Technology can be used to help your studies in many ways today. You can use it to eliminate the distractions, organize your schedule and notes, create outlines and reminders, track your learning, and whatnot. With that in mind, whenever you are struggling with writing essays, you can just pick the best apps available and use technology to beat this challenge.

Writing Tools

3. Use Actual Help
Help can come from many places, especially now that you have access to the Internet and technology. If you can’t find a way out of the situation, Edubirdie can write papers for money and help you meet the deadline. Help from an actual writer can be life-saving in these situations. Your grade does not have to suffer just because you lost your motivation or your focus. If nothing else works, use actual, human help.

4. Start with an Outline
This applies to any paper writing process, even in times when you are at your most productive state. An outline cuts down the time you spend on preparing and organizing the paper. It guides you while you’re writing and helps you meet the required structure.

5. Remove All Distractions
There are certain things that tend to make us distracted. These are the things that prevent you from writing your paper. So, start by eliminating the distractions. Turn off the phone, get away from the noise, turn off the TV, and ask people not to disturb you.

6. Mix It Up
Don’t be afraid to mix up the order of writing the essay. Research and organization always come first, but when it comes to writing, you can definitely mix the order.

Many people even prefer writing the sections of their essays out of order. Some leave the introduction for last and focus on the body and conclusion first. Others write the thesis statement and immediately move onto the body paragraphs. Whatever works for you, do it. You can fill in all those gaps later.

7. Split Your Ideas
If you’ve lost touch with your writing skills, don’t focus on writing right ahead. Spread all your ideas in front of you. Use the outline to put those ideas into the paragraphs where they’d belong. Only when you find the right order of your paper, fill in the rest of the content and connect those ideas.

8. Start as Soon as Possible
You never know when the writer’s block will struck you. To avoid a failure and never miss a deadline, start working on the writing assignments as soon as possible. Leave the rest of your tasks for later. This way, if you’re lacking productivity at the moment, you can take a break, refuel, and get back to it after.
If you leave things until the last minute and a block strikes you, you’ll be in a serious time crunch. Getting help will be more expensive and the pressure will only make you more stress. Therefore, put writing at the top of your daily schedule. The more clear-headed you are for these creative tasks, the lesser the chances of you being unable to do it.


You aren’t alone in this. Many students feel the same way and share the same struggles. No matter why you can’t write a paper, there’s always a way to beat the writer’s block or get out of the situation. These tips should help you do exactly that.

Author’s Bio:
Robert is a professional writer and blogger for several writing companies and websites online. He does freelance work and travels. If you want to read more of his content, check his Twitter page.

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