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Recycling in Movies !!

We all know recycling is good, and some talented animator out there did some recycling by using the same scene sequence from movie "The Island" released in 2005 tweaking it and using in latest blockbuster "Transformers 3" - enjoy the full sequence after the jump.

Animation Recycling
Full Animated Sequence (Sized 2.43 MB, Takes Time To Load)

Animation Recycling



Actually this has been done throughout movie history. Using the same sets, same houses, map paintings, clips, etc... Ghost Rider used the moon from another movie, Underworld 2 used the same scene when Marcus comes out of the ground in the mansion, they digitally took out Kate Beckinsale and others and replaced them with Kraven and crew walking in. There are far too many to list.

The main reason is budget of course, they save money by using already made objects, clips , sounds, or whatever else they can get their hands on. Or it may be due to the ease of use instead of going out of their way to get something, if at their disposal, why not?

If you listen to commentary at all, you will also find out just how much of other movies are used.


what's this world coming to. Most of the shitty music these days are "recycled" from the past and now movies...
A great way to make money and not have to use creativity.

recycling is great! ha ha ha shame on the producer

hmmm! nice recycling tricks


There's a good possibility that the highway is stock footage sold to whomever wants it. It's just as good a possibility that The Island wasn't the first to use it.

These features in recycling in movies have changed entire theory of moving making. They are really interesting and engaging to watching these movies thanks to technology and innovative animation software.

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