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[COMIC] What it's like to own an Apple product

Own An Apple Product

Comic after the jump.

Apple Comic

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Really... This tell truth about About apple Sux....


It's funny 'cuz it's true.


The iPhone is actually quite good. It's just that when the next "generation" is out, nobody would want to be seen with the "old" one. They're just prying on human mentality. For me, I only upgrade my phone when it really "worth" it. I don't even bother with updating the software or the drivers.

I really like the comic, gave me a good chuckle.

You know, I actually can't afford the new stuff. I'm waiting for the iPhone 4 to come out so I can buy a 3GS for $99 :D

hahaha lol this is hilarious , funny and amazing comics .. brilliant illustration indeed.

And how does this differ from ANY other tech vendor? It doesnt...

this is very funny comic.

This was me with iPhones, until the iPhone 5 came out. I didn't care for the elongated shape or feather-weight feel, and none of the other upgrades interested me, so I stuck with my 4s. Then the 5s came out, same unattractive shape, still annoyingly light weight, and the new OS looked like a downgrade. So I stuck with my 4s, running the old iOS. Now I actually like having a really outdated smartphone, running an obsolete OS, that actually weighs something. I hope to keep this phone running for so long that people look at it the way people currently look at flip-phones. I kicked the Apple upgrade habit, and I'm loving life.

this is very interesting and funny comics. thanks for sharing with us.

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