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Geeky Humor

Jesus and facebook !

A humorous take on hyped "Facebook Phone"

Rumors are all around the tech-world that "Facebook Phone" is eminent, here is an funny render from "Sean Percival" on twitter. Click "Read more" for full-image.

facebook phone

Yikes !!!

Google Maps reviews can be hilarious, but this one takes the cake for being the most hilarious. Full review after the jump.


How To Fix Any Computer - Web-comic By Oatmeal

Here is Oatmeal's take on How to fix Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

Bill Gates Telling Steve Jobs The Bright Side Of iPhone Jailbreaking !

Funny Comic

Click Read More below to see the full strip.

[PICS] Must See - Solution To iPhone 4 Reception Issue !!

Full strip after the jump, must see.


[COMIC] What it's like to own an Apple product

Own An Apple Product

Comic after the jump.

Opera Proves Google Wrong, Says Opera Faster Than Potato !

The world's fastest web-browser war is nothing new, Opera has now came up with an funny video poking fun at Google Chrome's Speed Test video proving that Opera is indeed faster than the potato. The video is available for your pleasure after the jump.

Opera Speed Test

Even Hitler Hates Apple iPad !

Hitler has been dreaming about the day Apple tablet was to be announced but after seeing Apple iPad he was not pleased :

Google Tells You "What to do if the inside of a grill gets wet"

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