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Apple iPhone 6 Images Leaked, Thanks To Taiwanese Star Jimmy Lin

A few days ago Apple's production partner Foxconn revealed production plans and other details about the next version of the iconic smartphone. This time it is Taiwanese star Jimmy Lin has posted three images of yet unannounced Apple iPhone 6, Lin also categorically confirmed that the iPhone 6 has a 4.7 inch screen and the antennas of the device are still external. He also mentioned that the curved edges of the new design makes it easier to hold, but matte finish Aluminum makes the device a bit slippery. It is also worth noting that Lin previously posted pics posing with iPhone 5C in August, photos that proved to be legitimate when Apple officially launched the handset one month later.

Apple iPhone 6 Image Leaked
Apple iPhone 6 Front
Apple iPhone 6 Back


This thing will be slippery after a while and more people will complain about broken screens and what now...

Hahahahaha, they paid the star to leak the phone...I'm good with my samsung galaxy s5 and I like it LOL. Apple is an old same style as before, nothing is new LMAO.

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