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Appuals: Tech How-to’s from the Experts

Are you in a fix with devices and you don’t know how to go about it? Worry not, your problem is about to be solved at my friends blog - Appuals. With the advancing technology, your day to day interaction with gadgets and machines is indispensable. Most of them are built to enhance and increase your productivity. A problematic situation arises when these gizmos are not productive anymore. Maybe during your operation, you have run into an error, a malfunction or low output and all you need is to do a troubleshoot but you don’t know how. Or you just acquired a new operating system and you don’t know how to go installing it.


The team behind Appuals...
Appuals is a tech niche and expert driven blog with the aim of solving almost all your tech-related hitches. With an easy to use interface, it’s easy to find solutions and how-to’s guides that will make your troubleshooting an easy task. You don’t have to panic anymore if you have done something accidentally.

What they offer
At Appuals, they understand your urgency to solve a problem when it has occurred. They also understand your every desire to ensure that your gadgets work efficiently when a fix has occurred. Being problem-driven, they have put together the best vast collections of how-to guides from experts on different platforms that can come to your rescue.

They have a detail-oriented step by step how-to’s on the Windows, Linux (Ubuntu), Mac and also android operating Systems. In each platform, they go a step further to bring you other related guides. Some of them are technical and non-technical guides. They include; fixing software errors from applications i.e. antivirus, virtual box and other programs, installing Kali on Android and many others. Sometimes your network gadgets such as switches, routers, modems or even printers may also have a glitch and may need a troubleshoot. At Appuals, Software and Hardware problems will be a thing of the past.

The guides and how-to’s you will get at Appuals are authentic since they are tested first and have proven to solve the particular problem being referred. They hope that they will provide you with vital information that you are looking for, be it for future use or on the go troubleshooting knowledge on various systems and gadgets. We also add and update guides and how-to’s on a daily basis so you can always have new ways to troubleshoot problems.

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