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New Truly Unlimited Broadband Plans From BSNL Without Any Fair Usage Policy

BSNL BroadbandMajority of high-speed internet service providers have some sort of data-usage caps in their unlimited plans labelled as "Fair Usage Policy (FUP)", where the internet speed is throttled to a lower value after user's high-speed usage quota gets exhausted. Facing tough competition from "You Broadband", India’s largest telecom service provider Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has now announced two plans with truly unlimited broadband usage without any FUP in Surat. The new plans BB Home Combo UL 575 CS20 (costing Rs. 525/- per month) and BB Home Combo UL 725 CS21 (costing Rs. 725/- per month) features downloading speeds of 512 Kbps and 1 Mbps respectively without any maximum usage cap.

BSNL Truly High-Speed Unlimited Broadband Plan

BB Home Combo UL 575 CS20
BB Home Combo UL 725 CS21
Bandwidth (Download Speed) 512 Kbps Flat Upto 1 Mbps Flat
Applicability For Home in Surat SSA of Gujarat Telecom Circle only
Fixed Monthly Charges (Rs) 575 725
Annual Payment Option (Rs.) [11 x FMC] 6,325 7,975
2Years Payment Option (Rs.) [21 x FMC] 12,075 15,225
3 Years Payment Option (Rs.) [30 x FMC] 17,250 21,750
Free E-mail IDs/Space (Per E-mail ID) 1/5 MB 1/5 MB
Security Deposit One Month charges
Minimum Hire Period One Month
Telephone fixed monthly charges in Rs NIL
Free Calls NIL
MCU(Meter Called Unit) Charges/Pulse in Rs. Rs 1 (To BSNL N/W after free calls)
Rs 1.2 (To Other N/W )


whoa, just 1 Mbps ? I thought my internet sucks, now I'm more grateful

Reliance plans are cheaper with double speed.
Check it :

And it gets disconnected once every two days. I had Reliance connection and the experience was so horrible. I really have no idea how they are still surviving in the market. Government doesn't have eyes.

I'm using reliance broadband since 2-3 years, and I'm satisfied with their service. Yes, it gets disconnected for 2-3 hours once a month (not in every 1-2 days), but still its better than Airtel (no truly unlimited plan otherwise it's better), BSNL (more disconnection problems plus costlier than reliance) and Spidigo (cheaper, but not good download speed). The disconnection problem might be in your area/city, but here in Ahmedabad it's working fine.

I am from Jaipur and just had terrible experience from reliance. frequent disconnection, worst customer care service in India. After no internet for 15 days and making 50+ calls to customer care, I decided to terminate the connection and go for BSNL/airtel.

So essentially $12 per month for what is basically low speed internet.
Even if you maxed it out for the whole month, at 1Mbps, that's 324GB, but that's only if you can keep the 1Mbps for the entire month, a more realistic number would be closed to 150~200GB.
They might as well give you truly unlimited for that speed.

I live in Belgium, and i have 50Mbps/second. And i can download 1TB in a day without no probleem wit the fub. I dot tink that a normaal persoon, download 1TB in a day. SO if you see i have unlimited download! But in belguim you have 2 comppays, My Company thy called belgacom, thy use For internet Phone line, thy have olso fub, but thy say noting, if you download more than 1TB. But the outher Company caled telenet, thy are expensive but you have more then 150Mbps/secon speed, but if you download more than 200gb thy put you on slow connection. I pay For My internet 35€ per month, so i m very god For that price

For Home in Surat SSA of Gujarat Telecom Circle only

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That's nice policy for broadband services.

You can opt for Reliance Thunder Plans. Much cheaper and high speed without FUP.

Do you have any trick to bypass BSNL FUP ?
Thank You

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