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Cell Phone Jammers: Next-Gen Security Tech For Jamming Cellphone Use In Prisons

Cell phones are not allowed in Prisons cause some of the most dangerous plans can be made after being aided with this communication device. But some of these prisoners manage to smuggle cell phones within a Jail by clever means however something even cleverer can now help in checking these unwanted communications.
When prisoners get access to cell phones, they can manage to send and receive information through a series of facilities available via the mobile phone; these are calls, texts, social media, E-mails and Internet.

Nowadays we have various facilities to check the use of cell phones in prison cells and one of the best ways of controlling the prisoners illegal communication with the outside world is by using Cell Phone Jammers. These Jammers effectively help in controlling any unwanted transfer of data across prison borders. The special ability of Prison Cell Phone Jammers is that they only allow specific cell phones to work within the prison, the ones that are pre-determined by the jail authorities.

Prisoners will not be able to use the cell phones that have been smuggled inside the cells by illegal means as the Prison Cell Phone Jammers disables the working mode of all unauthorized cell phones within specific regions of the prisons.

The cell phone jammers are available in the Jammer-store. Many prisons now are accommodating this new technology. This will benefit the Jail authorities and for better safekeeping of the prisoners.

The mechanism used by the cell phone jammers isn’t very complicated when it is inspected thoroughly. The main component of such devices is a part called the communication control Hardware. On activation, this hardware immediately limits or bans the communication via cell phones within a certain range of the prison. The authorities of the jail can then determine which numbers or phones to allow access to and separate legal phones from the smuggled ones.

These cell phone Jammers are under constant monitoring by the persons in authority. The cell phone Jammers is placed within separate buildings, and they communicate with each other’s via Controller Area Network (CAN). CAN is very effective in maintaining communication protocols. The manager of the whole system controls it from a Central Base Station. These controllers perform many different functions simultaneously which includes detecting, scanning the networks, alerting the authorities and jamming the cell phones.

Cellular Jammers can also be controlled by Remote Controls. The remote helps in switching the operators on and off even when the actual physical units are far away.

Cell phone jammers are used at various places including jails, detentions centers and Military bases where communication with the outer world is not legal and may cause serious damage to their security systems.

Contraband devices with 2G, 3G and CDMA can be blocked with High Power Mobile Jammer PRO45 and located in a very short span of time. This offers an easy solution for some concerning problems. It is being suggested lately that such facilities should find a place in various other areas to improve the defense mechanisms.


Dear Sirs
We are the company American Inspector working as advisor for Technology Project Prisions at Peru.

Since 1991; we are developing Projects of Telecommunications & Security Electronic.

Currently The company Prisontec; are installing 400 Jammers brand Tangreat in 33 Jails of Peru, during 2014 to 2016. They won the contract to block the Illegal communications in the jails of Peru with Jammers.

For that reason the government will launch a tender with the target to contract a company that can do the electronic supervision of jammers Tangreat to verify if them are operating well.

To make supervision we have partners (Corporative Companies) that can give the service of electronic supervision; but need get the right equipments capable to detect:

1. When illegal cellular calls is happening due the jammers are not blocking.
2. When is blocking communications areas that not need.

If you have the equipments capable to make the tasks of electronic supervision (point 1 and 2).

Please let me know prices of your equipments and how can calculate how many units are needing each prision in according the inmates number.

Please dont hesitate for any doubt or question, or by skype (martinexus). I will be online

I hope that we can establish a very good relationship and commercial

Best Regards


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