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How To View Full Email Headers In Gmail

At times you may need to get hold of full email headers of an email, usually most email services provide easy methods to view them but Gmail is a bit tricky and finding the right option is not very intuitive, to view full email headers use the method described below:

  1. Open the email from your Gmail account.
  2. Use the reply drop-down menu to access "Show Original" as shown below.
    Gmail Email Headers
  3. A new window with full email headers will launch.


Now i can trace these spammers with

The header now works. Thank you.

Jai Hind

u can track mailer ip in yahoo but u cant get mailer ip in Gmail they are hiding all senders ip may be behind Squid or something recieved section u will see their those server not urs ips

i testes this by sending test mail to myself from gamil and also from other mail providers

Wow…nice tips. I have accounts in yahoo, live and gmail. But I use my live account most. Few days ago my friend who uses Gmail told me about this problem. I didn’t get it as I never had to view the full email header. When I tried to do that in my live account it seems quite easy. I’m going to tell my friend about this tip right now. Thanks a lot.

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