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Download Microsoft DirectX 11 For Windows XP And Vista !

DirectX 11 LogoIf you follow technology news you should have got surprised reading the article title because there is no official DirectX 11 for Windows XP or Vista as of now, Microsoft DirectX 11 (6.01.7000.0000) will be made available on Windows 7 and Windows Vista when officially released in coming months, but virus creators have hoped onto the opportunity and started taking advantage of gamers curiosity to install the latest version of DirectX by posting fake trojan infected DirectX 11 links on blogs and forums, these so called DirectX 11 For Windows XP and Vista installer contained Trojans created in perl scripts which got detected by only three lesser known anti-virus scanners on VirusTotal out of total 39.

Direct X 11 For Windows XP
DirectX 11 Setup Extracted

As soon as you launch the installer the Trojan gets extracted and executes trying connecting to internet.

DirectX 11 Firewall

If you have already fell for this trap then your computer might be infected with "W32.Gaobot" Trojan and you should immediately run this removal tool from Symantec to get rid of.

W32.Gaobot Removal

While on my quest to get information on DirectX 11, I found another installer package claiming to be DirectX 11 for Windows XP and Vista, this one looked pretty genuine and I installed in on a test machine setup.

DirectX 11

Surprisingly, this setup did installed new DirectX dll files in c:\windows\system32\ directory but DirectX Diagnostic Tool (DxDiag.exe) did not detected anything new as shown below.


These new files could be Direct3D 11 Technical Preview DLL's from the SDK unveiled at the Gamefest 2008 event in Seattle, but until this is further confirmed I suggest everybody stays away from these so called fake DirectX 11 installers, If you are on Windows XP you can install tried and tested unofficial DirectX 10 for Windows XP shared earlier.


thnks for this information this will help lots of persons
thnks frnd u r doing very well
thanks and regard saurabh

Is it realy true?! I mean the games can run on directx11 now in xp with this program?
please tell me it;s not <<>>
contact me at

Stupid do you know how to READ?


gg a tous

very good




How can i download it



me too! ;d

thanks for the heads-up. i saw this & thought about trying it, but i couldn't find it on microsoft's web site, so i decided to wait... which three anti-virus tools caught it?

really very beneficial....keep it up...

You saved many, thanks a lot.

why do people have to do this shit.
i mean seriously are you so pathetic?
you have nothing better to do than destroy peoples computers and make there life a living hell.
grow up and get a life loosers

These trojans, spywares and Adwares fetch them money, and for money some ppl can do anything.

Thanks for the information. Very useful

Very Well said.

well sead bro wish thay would get one for ever


Nice and Hard work I hope you will to do more and more.



I saw similar on a download blogs comments section, I downloaded it and just by chance forgot to install, thanks for letting us know about this.

saw similar on a download blogs comments section, I downloaded it and just by chance forgot to install, thanks for letting us know about this

Your subject is very deceitful. Are you trying to tell people to "download dx11 for xp and vista" or should it be fake dx11?

Lame... just lame.

he is trying to help us in this blog .
You shuld thanks to him idiot

being a noob with computers? i am for one very thankful to have read this, as i have just downloaded directx 11 from another site. luckily i came across this discussion whilst googling :)

thanks ever so much.


In my think he can't read English that's why he said that

you idiot, go back to school and learn how to read! HE IS WARNING YOU THAT THE ONLY VERSIONS AVAILABLE ARE TROJANS. Angry little dipsh*@s like you DESERVE to get a trojan or six! Good on the author for saving alot od people alot of hassles :)

thanks for giving me a heads up dude, as for the guy who thinks u r lame: you are retarded

well, malaysian really really idiot !!
the article trying to save you morooooon !!!

Ah loe, suka ngatain malaysia. Kayak Indonesia aj ga bego, malah lebih bego kemana-mana. Dah banyak orang tau indonesia itu negara terbego di dunia. Udah pejabatnya tukang korupsi, polisi tukang maling duit, blm lagi banyak orang kelaparan tuch. Termasuk loe juga nich salah satu biang bikin rusak Indonesia. Tukang ngadu domba Indonesia sama malaysia. Jangan2 loe orang Batak atau jawa atau china di Indonesia nich, biasanya yang paling rusuh mereka2 ini nich.
Udah tendang aj orang-orang jawa yang di malaysia, biar nyaahoook (tau rasa) tu orang jawa.
Oh ya, for admin, thanx for info.

people who create the virus are the same people who created the ant-ivirus, they need too many INFECTED computers to buy their antivirus products. Thanks for this tutorial its very helpful

bless america

Never saw a mor ridiculous comment.
Yes antivirus companies make the viruses, so they can sell their programs AHAHAHAHA.
You're not very bright aren't you?
That explains also your "bless america", or do you like the country bringing war all over the world?

hey man, i bet u have seen more rediculous comment before (and if not please correct me), but thats beside the point. he was happy in the end... if u dont believe that he's right, then at least give some proof that he was wrong, other wise ur comment is just as rediculous as his was. it holds no weight at all, to be honest.

I, for one, dont take sides right away... i LISTEN to the other side first and ask them there reason before i make my statement of opinion. u shouldnt ridicule people just becuase your view was thought right. its beneath you and/or anyone. you could have at least said what you meant in plain words too, instead of being so vague and questionable.

You people come on wake up, how would AntiVirus and Spyware removers stay in business? LOL!!

I am serious, I don't make these, and I don't work for any company like this. But majority are done for business, and the few are idiots who get a laugh from it. I would rather it come from the laughing side to be honest. But either way the businesses stay needed. They become a yearly subscription, why? The prices are expensive.

For help get Avira or Kaspersky. Get Avira free if you have no money (ony chose one of them)Also get spyware terminator, superantispyware and spyware blaster (get all of these) and get them from the legit web site.

Hope this helps!

it was annoying. there was sum weird forced background and automatic internet explorer pop ups. This does get money because it pisses you of to the point where you just buy the product.

You are looking at it all too logically. Criminal minds are infected with delusions of grandeur. Productivity has no root in them. They live in darkness. Stop trying to understand and just protect your equipment. Look at what is spent for police protection. It ain't free either, but that money is taken from you before you get paid. And in many places they protect their jobs by forbidding you to protect yourself. Hope that kind of thinking never happens in cyber homes.

mình là ng??i vietnames hihi

Thanks a lot for the advice , keep up the good work

thank you very match

zzzzz.. it should be "thank you very much"

A: "English", even when referring to the language and not the inhabitants of England, is a proper noun and is therefore capitalized.
B: Topic/Subject headings contain capitalization on every major word.
C: Ellipses consist of three consecutive "dots" (periods), not two.
D: The beginning letter of any sentence is always capitalized.
E: A quotation within a sentence should be preceded by a comma.
F: The beginning letter of a quotation, unless preceded by an ellipses, should be capitalized.
G: The end of a sentence should contain some method of closing punctuation, be it a period, question mark, or exclamation point.
H: When a quotation is used within a sentence that ends said sentence, the closing punctuation is within the quotation marks.

Lastly, English is not the only language that is spoken or written upon our planet and access to the World-Wide Web is...worldwide.

Man, or woman, the internet needs more people like you. Yeah, sure, people with intelligence are often ridiculed, like in the movie Idiocracy, but I think it would help people like me who are getting older and haven't been in school for a while to keep good grammar practice. Anywho, cheers to those of you who appreciate when people take their time out to test software for vulnerabilities and make the results available in a public forum so that people who don't have the capacity to do so themselves can keep their information safe. And to those of you who are raging on here, well, I guess being stupid has its perks; you don't have to worry about problems like these, because technicians do it for you.


i downloaded the 2nd ''directX 11'' damn...the only thing this shit does is , is instal the program, sya hello and goodbye when open/close it lol....i downloaded removal tool and all fine now , my kaspersky didn't detect anything , only my Spyware doctor (free antyspam)told me allow / not allow :-/


thank u

these feeds are awesome.........

thank u very much for this article ,next click and i was going to download it.

Thanks a lot for the information but i have a question... Will there ever be a directx 11 for windows xp and why do they make directx for vista and 7 and not for xp too?

thank u

thank u




hackers will annoy with you lol
whatever thanks for your tip.!!!

lol i thought microsoft so nice

The Second Installer Package Of Directx 11 is 100% clean from virus and are original DX11 Dll files Build For Windows7 But They are Fully Functional In Windows Xp,It Made The Video Image More Clear ,Like When You Wash Your Car's Wind Screen.

bro where can i download the second installer of dx11
,are u still using it ,will this harm my pc ??

thanx for giving the info about fake directx.....
but when will dx11 be available ??????

Microsoft pulled such a screw job on WinXP users, they expected us to use a faulty OS(Vista) for gaming and wont release any current DirectX on XP, but thankfully someone is watching out for us users.

This site is nOT Good Nothing is free here


thanks for this software

thanks for this article.
but where do u guys download it from...



thanks a lot

Thank you very much for the share.

Why do u stick to MS products still?
Join Linux
No head breaking

Linux could be an option if they would add a .exe handler natively. WiNE does not function that well as of last time I tested it unless someone has made a better working copy wsince i last downloaded it.

The biggest problem I could see if they did make Linux handle .exe natively is that linux would fall prey to all the viruses windows currently suffers from.

Thank you very much for the share.

thank u


"Surprisingly, this setup did installed new DirectX dll files in c:\windows\system32\ directory but DirectX Diagnostic Tool (DxDiag.exe) did not detected anything new as shown below."
You want it to change in dxdiag I can do that just open regedit and change {HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DirectX\Version} to what ever you want to be in dxdiag.



lol,dun be stupid liao..i heard some body say that directX11 jz can install in window 7

We see this now, not just in viruses, but in the ways that business handle situations between the poor & the rich.

The rich care only about getting richer, while the poor struggle to survive. Microsoft, the RIAA, Sony, Metallica, & several other greedy companies routinely sue their own customers who use Napster, or other file sharing services in order that they may make $$$ off each song you use, each time you play it.

It is not based on morality or what is right & wrong, but rather on whether they are sitting in their armchair making $$$ off you. Many times, you are working much harder than they, for lots less, but they still complain.

It is still possible to use Napster to share, if you know what you are doing. Sharing is not stealing, sharing is not a crime. Stealing is a crime, but sharing never has been stealing.

It is all a facade by Microsoft & the entertainment industries to try to pocket your $$$ whether they are in the right or in the wrong.

They do not care if you go to jail, they bankrupt you, or you roll over & die so long as they get your $$$.

You Tell em', as I agree, the Rich are the only real Crooks... They are all accumulating more wealth. So Sad Money and wealth is power... They say never Mind the poor for we have already robbed them blind so now lets go for the Middle Class. Look at Windows 7 buy the new Microscrap, it is a small fortune it has No Glamor but buy the companion package for it you need to sell a Kidney. it is fortune $ 259 Windows 7 + Update $168 + patches in 2012, $199 USD. Hello Linux....

thank u man. u are a perfect man and nice and good and best person in the world!!!

Thanks for the info, friend. I just don`t begin to install this so called "directx 11 for XP". Everyone wants better preformence in games, and have hope that some "realy cool programmers" can adopt new DX to good old XP. Unfortunatelly, some bad a**es use that situation to send viruses and other sh*t.
(sorry for bad English)

thank yun very must!!!

tanks alot

Didn´t anyone noticed the fake installer that says "dirrect x11"?

You must have a super firewall because by default outbound isnt blocked.. That was an incoming connection..As for DX11 on XP this is NOT possible..

Thank you for your offer!

Thank you!


Thanks for listing that helpful info. many people will be happy to know the truth!!

Im just download it....Ohhh Shittt

thanks man............but everybody download directx 10 for xp.Really it works...................

thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks a lot for the direct x 11


directx11not download

Thanks so much but i do not how to down it, please tell me!

The first thing to check is if the installer screen makes f***ing spelling errors!!! LOL


That's not English, that's for sure!

thanks man.. you help me alot

i thought i was downloading an a directX 11... but since you show me where to find the file and check if it were updated, found that mine contain lot more virus.

thanks for saving my laptop!!!

I had 6GB Ram put in my i7 computer thus upgrading it to a 64-bit Windows 7 Pro. Went into Performance Information and Tools then clicked on the link next to the printer "View and print detailed performance and system information." - It tells me I am using DirectX 10.

I downloaded the "DirectX SDK - (August 2009)" from the Microsoft website. It gave me a bunch of things in something called "DirectX Sample Browser" which gives me options of things to install. This is where I get lost. I'm not sure if I've taken a step in the right direction or more confused than I was before.

Help, tips, advice.

Thanks :)

i googled 'download direct x 11 xp' and this popped up. i read it. i'm glad i didnt download the trojan, thanks.

Thank you

I was going to download it but since you cleverly named the subject as if you could download it here I read it and it also helped that this got priority over the Trojans... why doesn't Google do anything about it?!

I believe that also explains their name for the subject...

Thank you very much for giving this worthy information. It is a good effort. This will help the novice person like me, who always tries to obtain the latest version and immediately download it without any noticing the underlying dangerous viruses. So I advice all of you who read it, download the latest version only from trusted site, or from the site where you get the earlier version.
Again thanks to you!

Thank Thanksss

help me please anyone help me !!!!!!!!!!

how can I download DIRECTx 11 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee...............!

HELp meeeeeeeeee...........!!

thanks alot for that program

It was notified that this site is providing the direct x version 11 for downloading. But there was not even a ling related to it, which means to waste the time of users. There was no procedure mentioned here about the downloading of the concerned file. Better ti ignore these kind of shit..! All the reports presented above are not human sent, Ofcourse thise are computer generated which was being intended to raise the visitors, ratings and some to make fun out of us(irritate others). These will be consisting of some dangerous threats or virus which leads to complete damage of our systems by damaging the internal hardwares like firewalls, locking data etc..,

Virus detection is a job of antivirus and you may get any virus form any illegal or shared download

so.. always use a good antivirus

I could make plenty of blog like this because the internet is full of spyware softwares

sorry for my bad English

YOU just SAVED my butt....what?

Thanks for the info, I was about to download the new DirectX 11 from some blog site and then it occured to me that this is an update that usually happens with windows update. Looked all over the microsoft site and could not find any real conclusive evidence of a "finished" new version. After that, it only made sense to find some informative blogs about the new directx and found your site. Thanks bro! You really helped alot of people on this page.

Keep up the good fight bro.

how to download directx 11 ??

You can not run Direct x 10 or 11 on Windows xp or vista ONLY WIONDOWS 7,Atleast i think thats what the microsoft web site said.Very helpfull ther are so many tojans out there its hard to tell if im writing on a trusted web site.

i like directx 11 i use this for games this software support games gravix cards Nvida and many i like it


thanks for the info

thanks for the heads-up

i love this website & direct x11 is spcail




Thanx for the info

Submitted by nitrocide (not verified) on Sat, 04/03/2010 - 18:49.
Thanx for the info


thanks alot

Hey admin u have really shown a good demonstration. I really like it & salute to your knowledge. Thanks

thanks for the info

that so called dx10 installer for XP might be a trap too.

how to download this DirectX 11 from this site?


I need help

I m facing some kind of problem while installing directx 11, as soon i start the intalation it says.............. [b]"microsoft.directx.audiovideoplayback.dll is currently in use by another application.. you must close any application using the component before setup can continue..." [/b]

so please help me how should i install the directx 11.... i have already uninstall the directx10...

thanks alot


wew ! good thing i got to this website first ! i was looking for new directX to change my old one directX 9.c ! is directX 10 good anyway ? ... please email me ! ! Thankz !

wah.. good thing i have today.. thx for the guide about that trojan..

Thaks alot of your Goodness

thank you

Currently looking for the best DirectX for Windows XP (32Bit),I am playing Eve-Online and have currently Dx9.0c and like this artical suggested was looking for a much better Dx for my PC. Have been going crasy cause im not a PC-geek (sorry to you PC-Geeks out their) but looking for a link that takes me right to a download for a Dx thats better than Dx9.0c ! So is their a better Dx for Windows XP(32Bit) ??


tanks so much



Will there be any future release of direct x for vista because i have vista n hoping to get X11 for it thanks for the info. :)


why not try to copy/move all directx files from w7 into the windows xp system


And to think if they only officially released directx 10 and 11 for XP people wouldn't go downloading these things from untrusted sources, and wow how many computers would NOT end up compromised.

Direct 11



Great job guys <3
keep up the good work ;)

Thank you very much for your information, it is very helpfull.
Keep up the good work my internet friend.

Thank you from Thailand.


I couldn`t find the possibility to download this version. I have directx 10 and my webcam wouldn`t work. I made nothing... Can you help me ?


Thank You very much.

Submitted by quickwheel (not verified) on Wed, 06/30/2010 - 10:07.
Thank you very much for your information, it is very helpfull.
Keep up the good work my internet friend.

Thank you from Thailand.


Read more:

thank you very mutch

where is the download likk man

Please sir kind this Sowatware
imagentli packes pppppppppp


terima kasih tidak terhingga
atas artikel ini..
ia sangat2 membantu saya..
terima kasih sekali lagi



thanks for the free directx 11.

thanksssssssssss ms


I don't want a Virus! Thanks for all of you tips!

when is dirr12 cuuming???

Hi, How do I download the DX11

There also a promiss of dx12 (Beta)

Senda link....

Fank you.

Thanks ^^!

thankx!!! i installed dx12 for xp!!!nice graphic..!!!

thank you very much




so the dx11 is a virus? or isnt it? and if so can someone give me a link to the site where it is "downloadable".
(that "bless america" comment was a blast...)

hehe, many people see trojan but my computer doesn't get anything like that althought i use Kis 2011,you need do google search more for real program of dx11 for xp. But still i don't see so much diffrerence with dx 10 or 11 until you have dx11 graphic card support.

Virus...............................................................................................................Don't Direct X 11
this crack registy windows....

thank you

thank you


Some one Help me????? Tell me How I download Softwares from this Side...????????????




what download

where is the link\

plz help me

yeer direct x 11 ka download option kidhar hai ??????????
plz mujhe batao ""

thank u


Read more:

Thank you very much.


Thank You My Friend..

tell me where to download i cant see were !!


thanks a lot mates!

How can download DirectX 11 for XP




hallo.. ahm... how can download this direct x 11 and (10 & 9) ? plz.. teach me how and go...

where is the download link?

how to download it??

Where I can download Directx 12

thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you

Thanks was wolfteam

a,;vhjnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyykdnhfeuggggggthank you thank you

very nice software thanks a lot

win 7 comes with DX 11 , losers

Who Am i: TheSMN...=.= kinda close :| ??

thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im in Iran.
Thank Uuuuuuuuuuuuu

thank U

Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks

success and victory always...!!

can some one tell me where to download this software ............

I've got Windows 7.

where can i get this working directx11?

i am from egypt and thnx


how download ?


super coool

Great work mate! Thank GOD I read this before getting DX11. But, that other installer you said you found, once you get it all sorted, are you going to post it up? I ask only because I want to play Sniper Elite V2, and I have never upgraded from XP in all the time I've had it.

Great work mate! Thank GOD I read this before getting DX11. But, that other installer you said you found, once you get it all sorted, are you going to post it up? I ask only because I want to play Sniper Elite V2, and I have never upgraded from XP in all the time I've had it.

nice work THANKS!

My Name Is AmirSalar
Iam 14 YearsOld
Iam Persian
very good DX11

Just download the windows 7 complete edition pack... Try to find it with Google. Problem Solved!!!




frm where shud i install dis????plsss tellll...

these sites hadn't any www. in the hyper text protocol(http) ,a dead give away

...Where J must 'click' to download this?

A big THANK YOU for sharing the info about the fake direct x 11. Its people like you that make using the internet a joy. keep up the good work.

kindly please recommend me valid link to download direct x 11

Shehzad Mansuri

very good

Is it ture?A few days ago,I found DX10 for xp,and it could run.How to download this?

thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

NO vi chytrolini nestahovat trojan vobec direct x 11 na win xp funguje ale musite mat win xp aj v rustine lebo existuje len ruska verzia , v anglistine len direct x 10 ..... nie nadarmo sa pise minimum windows vista , ci win 7 ..... hehehehehe takze cim skor preinstalovat win z bohom m.......i IT Odbornik 100percent pravda zvysok netreba citat je na slovensku z 10 ludi 7 urcite 2 su zakerne svine co ich tesi ze si dojebete pc pa pa.


MS DirectX 12 is necessary technology for correct and high speed interaction in the computer multimedia system. This set of runtime libraries provides the high end software solution to be a part of PCs video/audio-drivers.

MS DirectX 12 is necessary technology for correct and high speed interaction in the computer multimedia system. This set of runtime libraries provides the high end software solution to be a part of PCs video/audio drivers.


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