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As an avid investor in cryptocurrency myself, I have seen many coins come and go in the very short time that blockchain has been in existence. A lot of coins claim that they can make blockchain technology better than what it currently is. DasCoin (DASC) is one such coin that appears to strive to make blockchain technology better. Its primary objective is to make the storage and exchange of cryptocurrency more viable for security and performance. DasCoin expects to accomplish this feat by implementing their own ecosystem known as the DasEcosystem. Access to the DasEcosystem is provided by Net Leaders, which empowers a network of users through various applications and services. Users can own a Net Leaders license that can allow them access to network cycles. DASC is considered a “store of value” coin that serves to bring all positive aspects of both a centralized and decentralized system and its main premise is to build a coin and system built on trust with the following principles: Liquidity, Utility, Security and Capital Appreciation. In this article, we will summarize some of the key features of DASC which outline the benefits of participating in the DasEcosystem.


DASC has implemented a “Proof of Value” system that assures that the distribution of coins is monitored by "cycles", which are directly purchased from a system license. This assures that coins cannot be distributed carelessly to executives or developers. With implementation of this system, the quantity is fixed at 8.5 billion which never increases. This way, a fair and equitable amount of coins is distributed among investors and developers.

DASC provides an authentication process like a banking standard of a KYC (Know Your Customer) process performed by a central system. DasCoin also offers easily convertible coins to fiat currencies or Bitcoin and fiat currencies can be exchanged for DASC. In addition, the DasEcosystem functions alongside a series of products and services that support a network of hardware and software systems which will assure a smooth operating system.

As mentioned above, DASC offers both centralized and decentralized benefits and offers a variety of hybrid features as well. DASC aims to control the distribution of coins like how securities are regulated in this country but will maintain the decentralized distribution that is the backbone of blockchain technology through a series of controlled nodes. The wallet system will remain decentralized with private key access, as is typically the case for most coins traded digitally nowadays. One interesting facet of the DasEcosystem is the very fast transaction speed of six seconds. As mentioned above, another huge factor is the control of value through a “proof of value” system which will aid in fighting inflation allocation for the coin.

As you can see, DasCoin aims to bridge the gap between traditional financial systems and the up and coming blockchain technology of a decentralized ecosystem. It will be one of the first coins that promotes a digital asset system built around its main core principle of trust.

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