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[GIVEAWAY] Zevera Premium Downloader - Hotfile, Rapidshare, Filesonic, Megaupload and so many other filehosters pay them no more....

With so many file-hosters out there like Rapidshare, Hotfile, Megaupload, DepositFiles, Netload, FileFactory, Easy-Share, Uploading,,, 4Shared,, 2Shared,,, etc., the obvious question arise which premium account to buy ? and the answer is none, as you can enjoy premium features of all these using a single account at Zevera. We have been EXCLUSIVELY provided with 50 one-month premium accounts to giveaway to our readers, instructions at the end of this post.

As also reviewed earlier Zevera is one of the better known unihosters or multihosters service allowing premium account access to multiple file-hosting services. Zevera not only supports the largest numbers of file-hosters under a single roof, but also offers incredible download speeds and comes with an desktop downloader to make things as easier as possible.

File-hosting Services Supported By Zevera

Zevera Downloader 2011

Zevera Downloader 2011

New Web Control Panel

Zevera Features :

  • ONE Premium account for all major hosting websites like Rapidshare, Hotfile, Megaupload, DepositFiles, Netload, FileFactory, Easy-Share, Uploading,,, 4Shared,, 2Shared, and
  • Flexible and Fair Charges:
    1. Premium account with Days (30, 90, 180 or 365 days) The daily download limit is: 5 GB (like at all the other hosting websites as Rapdishare etc.)
    2. Premium Account with GB (50 GB, 200 GB, 500 GB or 1 TB) Without expiry date. (for example: 1 TB is enough to download around 800 movies).
    3. Premium account with Days & GB When your 5 GB daily limit is used, then automatically your extra GBs will be used.
  • Powerful Downloader application - ZeveraDownloader is an all-in-one suite that helps you download, find and organize your files on your PC! It is an advanced downloader - like the popular rapidshare downloader - helping you download all the files you want from any supported website.
    Simply copy & paste a list of links into ZeveraDownloader from any supported hosting websites. ZeveraDownloder will tell you beforehand which of the links are still good and which have been deleted or expired. You can also organize your files into folders, save information for these files like password and images!
    With ZeveraDownloader's Library Explorer manage these files easily without using Windows file explorer.
  • File Hosting - Upload any files for remote backup, online file access from any locations and also for file sharing between other users.
  • Effective search engine - Search and download files the easy way.
  • Multiple download without limit - You can download up to 100 files simultaneously without any limitations at very high download speeds.
  • New web-based control panel.
We have been EXCLUSIVELY provided with 50 one-month premium accounts to giveaway to our readers, to participate all you need to do is to socially promote this post (Facebook Like or tweet) and comment (with your email in "email" field) "why you like this service ?" - Fifty best comments will win an free premium account.

Website :

UPDATE : The contest is now over and winners list is posted below, winners will be receiving their account information in next 48 hours (do check your SPAM boxes in-case the email lands their).

Winner List


This is generous act by megaleecher (the best website for computer and internet tricks and GiveaWay), the best feature of the Zevera Premium Downloader is bypassing captcha, so you don’t have to stay behind your computer all the time to download form filehosters, by the way, downloading from filehosters is the best way, it’s many time better than p2p and torrent. Hotfile and FileSonic are more and more used by nowadays, and both have captcha limitation in the free mode, it’ will be great if I will be great if I will win an account.

I have paid $$$ for, and also for, and last but not least for, but now I'm fed up with that... I want a license for zevera premium now!

better than rapidbaz!

what is the rapidbaz?!...

Beacauso of i can download every files that i want, everywhere, everytime. And this blog is the better blog on this subject.

Plain and simple: way better than torrent :)

i have NL premium and in the same price i can get all of this sharing site. and with this offer i could try it for free

easy way to download file without delay and captcha.


Man i am seriously pissed off with rapidshare and megaupload, i hope zevera makes me feel comfortable id rather pay zavera than these ppl who just give empty promises.

I’ve waited so much money paying for 1 month accounts for file hosting sites; this program will enable me to do everything for one price, what an awesome product!

Cheers for helping me discover this guy :)

this is simple amazing, it will cost you 16 euro per 1 month to download from all the leading file hosting websites including rapidshare and hotfile. hotfile now is sucks due to their updated rule in deleting files and now rapidshare also becomes weaker in terms of competition between the file hosting site because of their lack of "promos"

Zevera For The Win!

Why are every goddamn giveaway, almost everywhere, always on Facebook or Twitter. Such a pain in the ass.

With recent technology development, everyone replies on the internet. File sharing services enable us to bring the world closer by eliminating the distance factor between individual. With this premium downloader, we can eliminate even more distance and effort!

This is (how i know) the first service this kind and it`s perfect, that was need to us!
i already tell my friend about this great service!

I want it too!!!

Zevera, revolution of the era !
I LOVE THE IDEA ! I was really getting sick and tired of multiple mirrors and tons of premiums to buy ! this is really "PRACTICAL" !
Please let me win :)

Because I want the content without the waiting

Zevera's best feature is that you pay once for multiple premium accounts which is great for impatient people like me :).

I really learned a lot here.

Hope i,ll get one :):)

This would be a useful alternative to having to pay premium for all the hosters.

Hope i win one of the prizes

so exactly how are you supposed to get it for free???

I like this service because it makes downloading files so easy, cheap and fun and of course save my time.!/matroskaasus/status/54347695128715264

This is a wonderful opportunity for all the readers of
Giving a premium account for free is such a great dedication towards the readers.
Long Live Megaleecher !

hmmm,nice software to get into the world of free..!!!! expecting to have it,and just tweeted and liked on facebook.thanks megaleecher.....

tweeter>>>>> via @Zeveracom

hmmm,nice software to get into the world of free..!!!! expecting to have it,and just tweeted and liked on facebook.thanks megaleecher.....

tweeter>>>>> via @Zeveracom



I've been struggling to download files from these file sharing websites. In the end, I usually go back to p2p downloads. It probably won't hurt to try, right? :P

Well, I've Tweeted this post with @scykei and liked on Facebook as Thicky Bushi.

Thank you so much in advance.

Yup, that's the truth. Sometimes, i need something on the Internet, i found various link. And i don't know which link is still available. This services will save me a lot of money, i don't need to buy all the premium account from others. I'm gonna post it on my wall now.
Thank for this new and offer!
P/S: My email is also my facebook account!

I hope win, thanks

i need an premium account, not rapidshare, not hotfile , not megaupload, n ... . but i need the one that can "ONE FOR ALL - ALL FOR ONE" = "ZEVERA FOR ALL - ALL FOR ZEVERA".
ZEVERA is the best n thank to Megaleecher for the informations

No one has been able to come out with a really good comment to express how good this service is.

Usually, accounts bought at unihosters do not give much speeds; on the other hand, if I buy an account from one hosting site, I get good speeds but from only that hosting.
So it looks like Zevera gives the best of both worlds. Would love to have it! :)

wow!! i never beliave... , its fiew second, i read eamil from. megaleeche, about zevera , i never used this software, so i hope , 1 peron from 50 account . i lucky. :D . please give me one:D

i like this software, of course anybody would want to download from sites for free. i would want that software to download things!! no need to spend money :) cheap, easy to download from Premium account for all major hosting websites! megaleecher and Zevera rocks!!!

I hope i will have luck this time to get once a premium:)

I whould like to have it because i am a very heavy downloader and i have really fast internet but for me to download fast i have to pay for all of those websites and the price really adds up fast i whould really apriciate your give away. I read your emails every day and i really injoy them you feture alot of cool stuff in them.

You guys just rock and I'm always happy to see a new email from you in my inbox ... it's very generous of you to give such gifts :D

50 one-month premium accountst , this mean no waiting.
Zevera is like jdownloader.!/kurtumi/status/54399798471688192

Can I get Zevera please :)

jiyo meagaleecher n zevera wahe wahe !

Zevera Premium Downloader! Why you like this service ?!
It seems to me that every post is redundant. For example, all other ...

as a student i can't pay for monthly premium file hosting services................
this is one of the very good give away by
thank you...................

"Why do I like this service?"

Zevera is a one of a kind application. To be honest I tried using premium link generator sites combined with my Download Manager it's still "100kb/s". By the way 100kb/s is my download speed limit. With this post about Zevera courtesy of, I believe this issue that I'm in is solved. I am a student downloading different videos and apps for my needs and with Zevera it'll definitely be a timesaver because not only I can download applications at 1mb/s, 2mb/s in less than an hour, I can download other stuff such as movies and the likes. My sincere thanks for for this post and Zevera for this one of a kind offer. Good luck to all of us and God Bless.

I have been using many different downloaders and love to try out Zevera too. From the good review on Zevera, it looks very promising and it is very powerful too:) Thanks to Zevara that make the multi-host downloading services more effective and more user-friendly. Keep up the good works, kudos to all the guys behind Zevera!

The best free offer of the year offered by zereva,i hope i coast home to victory because i am tired of premium link generator of hosting companies offered by some website.I need the real thing now offered in a platter of gold by Zereva.Zereva may you grow and many your services ever remain the best.Thanks and many we readers all be lucky.

I would like a trial since i commonly use sites like hotfile for my DLs. Plus I smell good. Cheers

Thanks, You've helped us so many times with your wits in our day to day challenging technology life, from Jailbreaking to Updating and now from P2P like torrents to downloader. Thank You. I've just liked and tweeted to my over 6500 followers. I will even DM to few of them.

Lesshastle, Good DL speed, all in one source, better service, No more waiting time to download the files that I dont have account with Zevera everything will be nice and easy with good speed all under one roof. MY first and BEST choice ZEVERA!!!:) << like

I really use a lot of these services and Zevera sounds good.
Facebook and twitter is done and I spread it in the communities I am in - not the giveaway of cause ;-)))
Thanks to "Megaleecher"

Give away idea is good one but should we be marketing in the first place for zevera.

Already paid for Hotfile,RS, Filesonic.. but 'THIS' service is great, Cheap.
Nice step Megaleecher,
Hope i'll get one.

Please count me in for this offer. as i download mostly premium downloads.

Possibly the coolest application I've seen in quite a while. I spend about 16 hours a day online,and this program would be a lifesaver, but even if I don't get a copy the crew at MegaLeecher rock! It's like Christmas every time I get an email from them.

I've been waiting for something like this... Being a free-lance sound engineer and iPhone app developer I download stuff from all over the net. Having one account to access all these sites at once is a dream come true. And I love the "try before you buy" aspect. If it works as good as it reads I'll be more than happy to pay for it after the one-month subscription. Thanks to for the opportunity.

A very useful tool to try ^^

I've paid too much money for previous filesharing programs and I think it's time I got with one that looked more stable. Rapidshare majorly sucks!

i 've been spending nearly 200 $ monthly on premium download accounts and maybe some time I use the account FOR 2-3 DOWNLOADS MAX THATS REALLY A VERY NICE WAY TO CUT DOWN MY EXPENSES AND ENJOY PREMUIM DOWNLOAD SPEED

Megaleecher is the most powerful source for free software and important software announcements that i have ever seen on the internet. Thank you for providing this valuable service as a normal internet person like i am should never miss any site like yours.

I like this service because I live in student dormitary, and when I try to download something as a free user I can`t. So this would help me alot in getting my materials off internet.

P.S. shared it in facebook and twitter. :D

I already have one Life time account on Megaupload, but want on others too, I like to get this one.

Well megaleecher has always awesome offers.. though i read it much less on direct website since i have subscribed it into my Greader, apart from all other offers this is gem of all, downloading from paid filehosters is daily routine of mine and I will be delighted if I get a zavera. I already shared this post on my facebook. I really pray I could win this one giveaway. Thanks in advance.


its a great service because instead of using or buying each account,,,evrything is provided under one roof,,,

This is the service which update you in no time in your daily schedule ....
I love Megaleecher. And with such great offers it is like ice cream in cold coffee .

This Is Amazing I Hope That i'm Lucky Enough To Win !

before i state out why i like zevera...i must thx megaleecher 1st to share this SUPERB news to all reader!!!!! Long live Megaleecher

with zevera one premium account, we can save alot of our $$$$$!!! AWESOME deal from zevera!!!

Beacauso of i can download every files that i want, everywhere, everytime. And this blog is the better blog on this subject.

Read more:

hopefully I'm the lucky once, oh! yes and I do my share on facebook

Movies, music, MP3, games, applications from all the file hosting websites as premium? I'm desperate for it!

I think this software is awesome and so converent to use thanks a lot

Hi! I would really thank you guys if you can send me one of the premium account, because lots of time, when i download from rapidshare... it takes years to download a file :@ Hope i'm lucky :p

This solves all my problems! I've always had to choose between so many different file hosting services, but no single one of them dominated the file hosting world, so that I always kept having to use slow download on many websites. Premium accounts weren't that useful. Until Zeverea came along, and changed all that!! Now I can have just one premium account to unlock ALL file hosting sites!!! How cool is that!! And as a bonus I also get the Zevera downloader which is simply AWESOME! no more clicking and waiting in front of the PC for multiple part files!! 5 star!!

I hope i can win license........! Thank.

hopefully I'm lucky once, I share on facebook, i love My megaleecher

I always love downloading music, softwares, graphics and sometimes movies. Iusually shared them to my friends and others who need them especially those mostly students who cannot access the internet. I believe this Zevera premium downloader would help me a lot. More power to you!

I love this service because we finally don't have to be the clown of Rapidshare, Megaupload etc. anymore.
Rapidshare, Megaupload etc. are annoying their free users with ads, download limits, wait limits and force them to buy their service for inacceptable prices.

Now finally the service Zevera helps us to save our time and enjoy downloading without wasting too much money for every hoster.

Zevera FTW!


I never believe in megaleecher giveaways as it didnt work out for me in the past with ml.

just hitting my luck to believe in may be :)

You don't believe in something and still try your luck, answering the real participation question would have definitely won you an account this time :).

I hope a win a one license

Through the Zevera Premium Downloader, we can easy download files from many different file hosting websites like rapidshare, uploading, hotfile, ect. The downloading of files are more easier because you don't have to login to the file hosting websites where you want to download the file. You can immediately download it with a very high speed. This is why I want the Zevera Premuim Downloader. It's makes my life of downloading easier and faaster. Get yours to now.

Thank for the giveaway.
I download a lot from these file hosting sites & it woudl be a great help if I could win this giveaway.
Shared here:


When you go on the net to download something, you come up with all this file hosting server where you hav to pay or endure the slow torture of waiting a million years for ur download. Even if you buy a premium account, its still pointless bcz the next thing you download could be hosted on a different hosting server. But with Zevera, all you need is one premium account for all your downloads!!! That's an amazing deal!! I wanna get that deal!! :P

Woooow Amazing software. All major file hosting premium service come with 1 zevera premium account. It's realy nice to get.



Wonderful Marvelous giveaway by which has always been close to my heart!

Heartfully hope I get a free account for Zevera!

Googolplex Googolplex Thanx in advance!

Prof.Dr.K.Loga muthu krishnan, MBBS.,MS(Gen).,MCh(Neuro).,PhD(Neuro).,FRCS(Edinburgh).,FRSM(London).,
Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon,
Old 45, New 60, First Main Road (aka First Avenue) East,
Old 64, New 25, Fourth Street,
F Block,
(Near Chinthamani Supermarket - Next to IOB(270),
Anna Nagar East,
CHENNAI - 600 102.


thx for the giveaway

I would like to win it because i download a lot .

Also , with so many uploders uploading at different file hosting ,, its not possible to get or purchase premium Account of every file host.

I hope I could get this and it would be really helpful for me to download it at high speed .

Thx o much again

i have shared on twitter too

I download quite a lot of content from these sites. Unfortunately, they tell me that I "share" my IP when I know that I'm the only person using it.
They tell me that I'd have to wait 10 extra minutes to download, and yet after 10 minutes, I am still unable to download.
With the Zevera downloader, I'm pretty sure I can skip ahead and download all I want. Thanks ! (Would appreciate the account :))

that's an awesome giveaway by Megaleecher...........really Megaleecher is one of the rocking sites that i like to surf the far as this s/w is concerned, i am a regular user of these Premium servers & approx 2-3 GB is my usual dloading per day so i would like to be a part of such an awesome giveaway scheme.....thanx Megaleecher..!!!!

Link of the promotion by me:

Anything free for any period is best alltime

i will like to have zevera

whenever u see that a new action, si fi, comedy or a romantic movie, or a pc game or anything else has released u always want to download it as soon as possible, but the first problem faced is that its uploaded only on rapidshare. But you pay for fileserve because it has no monthly limits like rapidshare. So u have to wait for days untill it gets old enough and you loses all the excitement or interest u had for that movie, so this is the place where ''zevera'' comes in as a ''Saviour'' and lets you download that stuff. And now you become a hero by telling your friends about the movie.
I myself is irritated by this problem. So as soon as i read it on my gmail via MEGALEECHER that a new services named ''zevera'' is released, it gave me a good chance to clear all the problems i had whenever downloading. So, i hope megaleecher always tell us about these kind of stuff.

Deal of the 2011
I am eagerly waiting for this deal

hi, guys
whenever you see that a good romantic, action, or drama movie or any game has released online, u always try to download as soon as possible but what u got is the links for RAPIDSHARE but u use something else like fileserve, megaupload or hotfile which dont have monthly downloading limits. So u hav to wait untill it gets old enough to be uploaded on the file hosting service you use. Untill that long time, you losses all the interest in that stuff. So this is the place where "ZEVERA" comes in and acts as a SAVIOUR. So from now on no need to pay for other file hosting services. Because "EAST OR WEST ZEVERA IS THE BEST".
I was irritated by the same problem, but when i read MEGALEECHER's mail on my gmail account really it was a great relief to read about such a good service that can comfortize your downloading problems. So i hope i get this premium account and have a test. If the downloading is fast enough, i m definitely gonna buy this account for an year......
THNX MEGALEECHER, and keep providing these interesting articles.

Zevera: good idea!
And Megaleecher rocks! as allways

having a million different accounts to download files is annoying. it's swell a feller had the bright idea to aggregate all the services together in one tight package. never was aware of this service until made me privy. much appreciated.!/DoctorPartlow/status/54579349382377472

whoooo..!! wow .. this is the thing i was searching for.. since months, atlast i got zevera, the best service available out there, definitely better than warez and torrents.. i immediately tweeted and liked on facebook cause sharing is caring.. huh i wish i can have this account..

I would really, really love to have one licence for Zevera!!
Liked it on FB, and want to have it at least for a month, i will see after that time if it really works why not payin' it! To be honest today everything became one giant RIP OFF, many people don't wanna pay for something that is not worth a half of prise they want you to pay when we talk about softwares! Anyway this one looks good and hope i'll get it!

The main difference between file hosting sites and torrents are that in torrent you have to depend on others for seed leach ratio but in file hosting sites you dont have to depend on anybody. Thats the reason i prefer file hosting sites. But the problem with these sites are if you dont have premium account you have to suffer big time. The downloads are damn slow and if you have by chance multiple download links then you are literally dead. There are so many hosting sites that you cannot buy premium accounts for all of them so at the end of it all you have to suffer. This software comes in very handy in this kind of situations. Multiple downloads with no download limit is a great feature and that too from so many hosting sites is truly awesome. I would definitely like to win this software. Thanks for this great giveaway. As per the rule shared it on facebook and heres the link


This seems like the best way to go. Now I don't have to worry about which one to buy each month. No matter what service you need, you're covered.The built-in file explorer is a great idea! It seems like they've thought of everything!

I like this service because popular file hosting site have a very imitated limited free service. One of them is the waiting time before and after the download. With this service. You can enjoy unlimited downloads, and the good thing is you can download premium services for all popular file hosting site in one services.

This looks like an awesome service and I'd really like to be able to take advantage of it since I download from those sites quite a bit! Hope i get it!!!

Nice app, i love this software and your site one of my favorites. Easy to use and fast downloads! Thanks!

can i have a copy please i shared this on facebook heres my profile link so you can see thanks thanks

i like this service as i get loads of good info and free giveaways and i find things on here that i would have to goto loads of othersites but here i can find it all in 1 place thanks

Shared on Facebook>>>>>>


if ever there was something better then a rock concert, for me this is it , thanks for this super gift you guys rock.


Why I like this service is because of the convenience of downloading files from so many different file hosting services at one place. No pain but lots of gain.

Whao! This is breathtaking. I have never seen a package this big. Imagine having all the filehosters rolled up in one piece. No more waiting times, no more annoying and frustrating captchas. Absolutely fantastic. I would like to win a license to enable confirm its reliability and effectiveness. I couldn't wait to inform my friends to grab this wonderful piece of software. I have been longing for something like this. I hope and pray to be a lucky winner. Thanks to Megaleecher and ZEVERA. U guys ROCK!!!

Thank you for this offer Megaleecher! When you send me messages I am very overjoyed because I know that what you send is very helpful and kind. I would really love to have one of these accounts for the downloader because my dad would not buy it for me so if you were to give it to me, I'll be most happy indeed. Thank Megaleecher!

I am very happy with Zevera. Can I try it without having to get the constraints in the download files on a website in this virtual world famous..

This would be Great to be able to have premium Access to these services.. Faster Downlads...

Direct download speeds beat torrent speeds any day of the week. ISP usually throttle torrent connection too so direct connections are a good way of fighting back.

it's the best thing it to centralize everything in one place. easy to work with and cheaper.
Thanks Guys.

I don't know why services like this haven't come up before, it sounds like this is the most efficient use of instant download services i've heard of in a while. Normally I hate using all those pay to download services cause of the wait times and constant bombardment of ads, but if this avoids all that then i'd be down to give it a shot. Especially if I happen to get chosen for a free account (please!!!). Megaleecher is definitely the place to go to get the best news and opportunities to try new technology!! Megaleecher FTW!!!

id like to be able to use this service so i can download some technical material i need to complete my grade project at my college

This is so unbelievable! What a useful account to have! If everyone knew about them nobody would buy premium memberships to all of the others though... so I wonder why share this? lol I did anyway but thank you so much for the chance to win this!

I've Zevera Premium before but failed to download from filehost. anyway thanks.

Great Offer...thanks Megaleecher & Zevera

Zevera is the best all in one service in just one price. It is the best thing out there in the net and the most revolutionary IT development.

Thank You Zevera and Megaleecher :)

Why buy different accounts for a lot of different download-services when you only need Zevera to get them all in one?

I'm uploader of some website..
so I have to use all function of you application
and as everybody know some host file is too hard to download
and too slow to upload file
I think it will be great if I have a chance to try this app

I hope I can get premium acc .. haha

thank you *for future..

I've been meaning to sign up to a multi-downloader for a while (ever since Rapidshare turned shite)... I was going to have a closer look at this Zevera one ... but just 2 days after this was posted the website looks very strange, like it has been taken down or something - not a good sign. I'll keep checking and see what happens as usually the things promoted here are reliable, but for now I'm wary... cheers

i too need it

i 've heard alot about this app. from my friends
so why don't you give me a chance to try it .... just wanna try it to judge.

What?!?!?! A One-Stop, All-You-Need site to download everything you need???? Zevera, where have you been!?!?

I was lucky before and it was awesome to download hotfile, megaupload without limiters. So i wish to get lucky again.

I seriously need this. Seriously.


I won a one month prem acc in 2010 and i like this site ! Fast speed and unlimited hosting :) nice :) but on my homapage i post similar sites or rapidleech/premium generator sites :) with incridibel hosting! :)


Downloading went from being simple to being cheap as well. I had to be part of unfair rates for downloading or even changing my paying program's without even giving me a notice. Now i can have everything i ever wanted, literally. I CAN DOWNLOAD EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED! Cheers zevera!

I do hope i'm not late. Can I have one too?

I really like zevera premium account. please get zevera..

It would be wonderful to have one account for all the file hosting websites. the 50 one's will be very lucky to have this. Thousands of wishes to megaleecher who gave a thought to this.

i hope i can get 1, please... what can i say about this service is... Zevera PRemium ROCKS!!! MEGALEECHER ROCKS too!!! =)

i love it because it gives me the freedom to download from my favorite file hostings and i don't have to pay more for different sites........

I've always dreamed of a Rapidshare and/or Megaupload account but never have the extra cash being a poor student. Megaleecher you can make my dream come true!

It is always a confusion as to which premium account to buy.......
But if just one premium account can do away with al your problems then what more can you ask???????

I like this service because with so many different hosts for all the different files, it's really hard to decide in which onw I shoud invest my money as I can't afford to get a premium account on all of them. Zevera Premium Downloader solves this issue in a friendly and efficient way!

Because is better than other downloader tools :-)!/Mario_Cigic/status/55546441950707712

whats better than you can download from sharing file site free?

When I subscribed for Megaleecher email news, I was well surprised. This site is great, i learned a lot here, because of this site, i founded many good programs, and lot of free giveways. Now I'm reading e-mails from my dummy mobile phone and I'm again surprised, my computer is now almost always turned off. And one last thing why i want this program: I'm using MiPony and since free users speeds are not fantastic, I'm not downloading very much. I had an megaupload premium and i downloaded around 200 gb in one month, so i think this program should help me in my big download comeback, please give me one account.

Zevera Premium Downloader! Is the ultimate service for fast downloads and reliable peace of mind ' it gives speed downloading performance for a premium user- '' And i will think it is required for every- one too! Have a best thing to go premium '
its B-)

So far, I've come across Zevera, and Leechpack. Does anyone know of any others? I'm trying to see which one is the best.

Zevera - seems to be best when it comes to space/bandwidth offered.
Leechpack - also does torrents - 30GB referral offer, TrialPay, multiple payment gateways

Looking forward to try out other services.


Zever is the best because it's all in one solution for downloading from popular hosting sites. Zevera also can be used with zevera download manager which is also a very good tool, and there is a good support team on

Please give me one licence(account), greetings :)

For download Heaven no one comes nearer than Zevera.

I hope i will get one

looks nice, i need it :D

I feel the best feature of zevera would definitely have to be dang near all of it. Not needing captcha would just make sites less annoying and getting all those site in one huge bundle makes the service even better.

I would like Zevera
It'll put a smile on my face
A One-stop-shop
That's got the lot
I've got no time to waste

I've got so much to share, you see
I'm a sharing kinda girl
But confusion reigns
Among my download pains
I keep losing the URL

I wait patiently for the timer
I sometimes have to do it twice
I input the phrase
But it goes its own way
Coz it's just not recognised

So my ups and downs are many
But I haven't got any at all
I need assistance
with the least resistance
And zevera's just the tool!

by frustrated Fairydust

The contest is now over and winners list is posted above, winners will be receiving their account information in next 48 hours (do check your SPAM boxes in-case the email lands their).

i still don't have it. can u send it pls?

Fantastic! I won! Yaaay! ^_^
Thanks a ton Megaleecher and Zevera! :)

Hey guys Thankx for the premium Account ................

It works like a charm and exceeded my expectations ........


I've tried an account that is given through this giveaway and I'm really surprised with download speeds that I got, was incredible
thank you for this great giveaway


I activated my account. This is a great service!
the down side is, I cant use it with firefox plugin download manager, DownThemAll!
But it does support for parallel download. The speed is ok, Im currently downloading 2 files, each of them are transferred at 300kb/s++

Simply AWESOME!!! Thanks a million megaleecher and Zevera!! This so much better than I expected!!

I REALLY cannot believe the speed with which it grabs your downloads!!!! It's amazing!! Almost instant!!

thanks a lot !

I am not sure whether I received my account information or not, but when I check the lists, I am in the 24 :). Could you please clarify? I am sure that I didn't receive any e-mail regarding this promotion. But the strange thing is that I have been using zevera for few days.. lol.. and it works like a charm.. hurray!!

But thanks again, it was great!

I want to have Zevera premium account.please

i have promoted this cool site in Facebook cool

Vineeth Prabhanandan's picture

it's the real deal i got one too thanks anyways!!!!!

They deceive people! Do not mess with them!

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