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Easily Use Cydia From Windows Via Cyder II

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Cydia - the iPhone application which allows users to browse and download unofficial/unapproved iPhone applications, themes, ringtones and mods on their jailbroken phones is a must use if you intend to enjoy the full potential of your iDevice in ways Apple does not allows you to do by default.

If you are missing the Cydia fun because you don't have a working data plan or Wi-Fi connection on your iPhone or simply because it's a pain to use it on the phone, here we have an awesome utility Cyder II which allows you to browse, download, manage and synchronize data with Cydia from your desktop computer.

Adding Cydia Sources Easily Via Cyder II

Cyder II - the free Windows utility lets you perform following tasks :

  • Add, Remove and Edit Cydia repository sources
  • Refresh repositories
  • Browse and search repositories
  • Download applications with all dependencies in a single-click
  • Synchronize changes and downloads to and from Cydia
  • Support to transfer downloads to Cydia Cache or Auto-install folder

Cyder II is straight forward to use and requires no installation, below are few screenshots to demonstrate how to download and install ultrasn0w unlock without an active internet connection on your iPhone.

Adding Cydia Sources Easily Via Cyder II

Cydia Search And Download

Download With Dependencies

Transfer Downloads To Cydia On iPhone

Cyder2 Download Links :


Dose this mean I don't have to jailbreak me iPhone to get cydia products??

no it means that you dont have to have wifi or a data plan to install cyida apps on ur phone once ur jailbroken


This solves the problem of getting blacksn0w to unlock a phone when I do not have internet access on the iPhone itself. Say I bought the iPhone in USA and I am in Timbuktu and want to unlock it there, my AT&T plan is not available from Timbuktu!

Thanks a million

dear sir
please help me to use cyder2
in my iPhone 3gs 0s 4.0 no cydia.
How Can i use cyder2 without cydia in phone to unlock??

I have problem with redsn0w unable to recognize specified ipsw 3.1.3 and 4.0, I have download OS alot time and still no work. so i can not make my phone have cydia.
Please help me

thank in advance.

is there a version of cyder for macs??????????
please help me

i still dnt get hw it works. when i open sources the only thing der is http:///packages

I have 3gs. I get my iphone connected to itunes but cyder don't connects it. it says connection error. Please help me figure out this problem. And please share setup of cyder 2. Not the installed version.

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