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Free DOS Emulator To Run Older Games And Applications On Windows XP, Vista, Linux & Mac

DOSBOXDOS once enjoyed the crown of being the leading operating system in the market, but is now more-or-less obsolete in current generation of GUI Operating systems, Windows XP and Vista do support virtual DOS mode but it fails to run old DOS applications and games, if you want to use native DOS applications and games in their full glory you will either need to install the original DOS on a dedicated partition as an alternative Operating System or you can simply use free DOS emulator - DosBox to emulate an Intel x86 PC running DOD with support for graphics, sound, mouse, joystick, and modem.


DosBox lets you use DOS on almost all major operating systems like Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OSX, Linux and FreeBSD with ease.

There exist quite a few places where you can download and enjoy a range old DOS games via DosBox as listed in the links below.

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Beware, DosBox is for Techies, to us other mere mortals it is unfathomable, A complete waste of time, it doesn't even fulfill the tasks laid out in the readme file, AVOID.

yeah if you are to dumb to read and hack in 3 commands into your console your definitly right!! moron!

Look, sure, if you don't know how dos works you will be completely lost.

But then again anyone familiar with dos would know that DOS has NO PICTURES, no Graphics, you are simply given an input line for typed commands.

This was why Microsoft invented Windows, but sure, you can't find your way around a DOS emulator, when if you had read the READ ME, you would know that DOS BOX only takes text comands.

Leave the Antique gaming to the people who lived through it or know what they are doing.

TobyDOSNixon, are you so sure that MS invented Windows? What about early days with OS/2 and Mac's GUIs? MS was good in MSDOS, that's right, but, Win2.1 was just adapted (to 16 bits) copy of OS2.1!

DOS was also... "borrowed", from CP/M.


Wow... Didn't know that. I thought that they were IBMers who wrote first (generic) operational system for PC (PC/DOS) if not counting numerous game systems.
NB Years to live - ages to learn

Yeah you right he is a moron. I tried that software and it works fine.

hmm seems like a dos emulator running of the original dos commands? not to difficult. Sorry you cant just press play and actully have to us a typed command.

Hit the \ key. Never would type it out on the screen. FAIL.

I'm not entirely sure why, but there are some odd third party keyboard drivers for Windows that exhibit this issue with DosBOX. You can fix it by switching your keyboard driver to a standard one, like "HID Compliant Device" for a USB keyboard or "Standard PS/2 101/102" for a PS/2 keyboard. Usually it seems the drivers in question support Japanese keyboards and you don't really need them for the US versions of the keyboards they ship with.

I have the little big adventure 1, but not a cd image of it (i downloaded it as and it extracts the files to c:).I have windows vista, but when i try to play it it says that the system does not supports fullscreen mode.How can i make it work with dosbox???

My DOS animation program won't load in DOSbox.
DOSbox fails to recognize the opening executable command.
I don't doubt that it works for your games, but for Deluxe Paint Animation, it's absolutely useless.

I did not put that ugly little flag next to the reply prompt. Yes I live in the states, big deal.

When to I go to do like a C\ the character \ wont appear, it shows up as a [, what the fuck? I got it to work on my old laptop.

LOL, I was just pissin around and found some very old games I used to play. Found this program and they work like a Windows 7.Excellent. These kind of programs are priceless to old farts....That still KNOW DOS.
Just a tip though, dump explorer in task manager if the colours aren't correct.
Justacanuck...from BC
Thanks guys

Works fine, just type intro, create a folder dosprog on your c: hard drive, copy game files to that folder, fallow the instructions from intro and at the end type game name for example s2.exe, it does work !

People ought to be tested and given a license to use a computer, just like driving a car. That would weed out the stupid and the incompotent that should stick to playing solitaire with REAL playing cards!

fine all you wiseguys that still know how to use DOS, but you gotta admit it's a simple way to program(hell, i remember typing BASIC for days for some crappy game that didn't even work because of a misprint or something.) so why is it so hard for newer computers(i got win7 now) to not just give you simple, easy software for free? are we so advanced we forget where it all started?

Well idk about you but i followed what the guide i was reading said to do and it told me it couldnt switch this is how i typed it.
mount c c:\games\secreti
cd secret

just like it said and it said it couldnt change to secret and qisland was an illegal command so if anyone can help plz do

You cannot mount the same volume under the same name, you should name it g, h, j, k or whatever character you don't have assinged to something.

the character "\" will not work when i try to type in prompts....agh! i was so looking forward to reminiscing with my old dos games.....does anybody else have this problem?

This is an issue with DosBOX and certain third party keyboard drivers (that is keyboard drivers that aren't made by Microsoft). Usually the drivers in question also support Japanese keyboards and you can replace them with a standard Microsoft driver or a US only version of the driver from the keyboard manufacturer (rather than an international version).

To everyone having the keyboard issues: The presence of any international keyboard driver that supports Japanese keyboards or says it supports 109 keys (probably anything more than 104 keys) or something along those lines seems to cause this issue. I realized that there is even a Microsoft international keyboard driver that causes this problem when used with a US keyboard. Just having the driver on the computer seems to cause the issue whether you are actually using it for your keyboard or not, so if you want to fix it you have to remove the non-standard keyboard driver. This issue only seems to affect Windows versions of the software as far as I have heard.

To get the \ simbol just keep Alt pressed and then digit 92 on the numeric keyboard, then release Alt.

a help here please. How do i play my old games that doesnt work in XP anymore? can someone please tell me the basic keys in functioning it?

Has anyone had any luck running 123 ver. 2.4 full screen in dosbox? I understand that most of the world does not care about this, but it is important to me.

For one who knows Dos, DosBox on WinXP is great.

I have, however found one glitch. PowerC compiles a program successfully but the linker doesn't check all of the libraries. Continuing my search.

go to control panel and select "keyboard", then select the "hardware" tab, then highlight every keyboard except for the standard 101/102 and HID keyboard and click the properties button and uninstall the driver.. Then Dosbox will work fine.

I HATE DOS BOX i cant run a darn corridor 7 game, GIMMIE AN EASIER EMULATOR
ps: dont discriminate me i know how to program in notepad

What is the name of the game in the picture?

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