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FASTag - Prepaid Automated Electronic Toll Collection System For India

India's FASTag Technology

FASTag is the brand name given to automated "Electronic Toll Collection" system launched by India's Ministry of Road Transport & Highways. While such type of highway tag brands are common in developed countries under brand names like “Eazee Pass”, “SunPass”, “e-Pass” and “Salik”, this is a new technology for India. The system comprises of a simple to use, reloadable RFID tag which can be used to pay toll charges without stopping at toll-plazas. The Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) technology used in the tag allows users to travel non-stop through dedicated FASTag lane at toll checker booths, automated scanning of RFID tag on vehicle's windscreen deducts toll charges from the linked prepaid account without stopping for the cash transaction. The tag employs Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) technology and is affixed on the vehicle's windscreen after the tag account is active.

FASTag Cashless Lane

The RFID cards can be purchased and loaded from banks, at the moment Axis Bank and ICICI bank have started to offer the same with more franchises/agents at points of sales are planned in coming days. The technology not only saves users time but also helps save fuel as one don't need to wait for cash transaction, this reduction in idle vehicle fuel consumption is expected to save Rs 60,000 crore in fuel bills.

FASTag is currently active at the following toll plazas, more toll plazas will be added to in near future:

  • Charoti toll plaza, Dahanu
  • Bhagwada toll plaza, Valsad
  • Boriach toll plaza, Navsari
  • Choryasi toll plaza, Surat
  • Vadodara - Bharuch toll plaza, Karjan
  • Ahmedabad – Vadodara Super Expressway (NE-1)
    • Vadodara toll plaza
    • Anand toll plaza
    • Nadiad toll plaza
    • Ahmedabad toll plaza
    • Ahmedabad Ring Road toll plaza
    • Ahmedabad Ring Road 2 toll plaza
  • NHAI Kathpur toll plaza
  • NHAI Vantada toll plaza
  • NHAI Khandi Obari toll plaza
  • NHAI Paduna toll plaza
  • NHAI Narayanpura toll plaza
  • NHAI Rithola toll plaza
  • NHAI Jojro Ka Khera toll plaza
  • Kanwaliya toll plaza
  • Kishangarh toll plaza
  • Thikariya toll plaza
  • Daulatpura toll plaza
  • Manoharpur toll plaza
  • Shahjahanpur toll plaza
  • Kherki Daula toll plaza
  • Fees and Charges :

    Tag joining fee* 250
    One – time tag deposit amount:
    Vehicle Class Description Tag Deposit Threshold Amount
    1 Two wheeler 100 100
    2 Three - Wheeler Passenger/ Freight 350 150
    3 Car / Jeep / Van 200 100
    4 Light Commercial vehicle 2-axle/ 3-axle 300 140
    5 Bus 2-axle/ 3-axle/ Mini-Bus 400 300
    6 Truck 2 - axle 400 300
    7 Trucks 3 – axle and above 500 300
    8 Earth Moving / Heavy Construction machinery 500 300
    9 Tractor/ Tractor with trailer 500 300
    10 Tata Ace and Similar mini Light Commercial Vehicle 200 100


Ok... My country does it better, it's just a set of cameras that take pictures of your vehicle and send you the invoice by mail. No artificial traffic jam due to a toll booth or anything.

I am many times traveling from Vadodara to Ahmadabad visa -versa. (Customer ID : 10004308 )
At toll plaza they are allowing without fast tag vehicles in fastag line.

Tell me what is benefit use of this fastag if I have to wait at toll plaza like other vehicle???

I also talk on help line no. 18602670104

I got answer from your representative -Regarding without fastag ID vehicles allowing in fastag lane
1 We have not big number customer …Is it my fault am I your customer???
2 They put sign board like. If non fastag vehicles will enter in fastag lane , they will charge fine…..but they are not following….Your representative answer me… we are helpless about this problem.

Ms. Chanda kochher , I request you, If you are not capable to run this project, please close this Fastag project.

Do not cheat customer on name of fastag project.

See my complain as below posted.

Inline image 1

Dhaval H. Dhorajia
Customer ID : 10004308
Car No- GJ-1-KF-3249
Tag ID on car-2289

I agree with you that when you pass through internal toll booths, you will find non -Fastag vehicles in queue which should not be there...

It should be take care by highway authority..

I bought Fastag and fixed in my windscreen and i was hopeful that i will pass through tolls in the NH45 from Chennai to Theni,
1) The first toll plaza after Chenglepet and before Tindivanam, there was no Fastag lane and i had to pay cash
2) The second toll plaza at Vikravandi, though there was a Fastag lane, but all vehicles paying cash also going in the same lane, but still Fastag did nor work and the supervisor came and asked me to go back and forward and even asked me to try another lane and this wasted my 25 mins time and caused lot of inconvenience to other vehicles and finally i was asked to pay cash. A photo of my vehicle number plate was taken by the toll man and said he will lodge a complaint (Vehicle # TN11W2256)
3) On third toll plaza at Ulundurpet, the Fastag lane was kept closed and i have to go by the adjacent lane, and when asked about Fastag, the operator simply opened the barrier manually and let me go without charging me
4) On the fourth Toll Plaza, the same story repeated
5) on the fifth toll plaza on Trichy-Tindukal, there was a fastag lane, but the barrier did not open, iw as asked to go by the next lane, but when i pointed out the Fastag he went and did some thing in the booth and the gate opened and i got an SMS on the toll charge deduction of Rs 90.

Later I realise that on Mercedes Benz and some other vehicles, the windscreen is Infra red reflecting glass and will not allow RF signal to pass through, there is dedicated place on the windscreen where the RFID (Fastag) should be place).
No body told me about this when i purchased Fastag from ICICI bank in Ambattur Chennai.

But in any case Fastag is not operational in many places.
Will the implementors take corrective action to make this a success?


in all toll plazas in between Vijayawada and visakhapatnam are taking too much time to honour fast tag almost more then general payments. there is no separate lane in any toll plazas. please rectify it.

Most toll gates don't have dedicated lane and even if they have they put a barricade and you have to horn till a guy comes and opens the barricade after making sure you have a Fastag tag and in some places even they write the car number and thus making it slow and defeating the purpose of investing in FASTag
They reason given by toll gate operators is that there is not enough vehicles with FASTag
The marketing of FASTag is not agressive by ICICI bank or AXIS bank

I would suggest let NHAI make it compulsory for every new vehicle registered to have a FASTag purchased at every RTO itself for a fee of fee hundreds rupees and this way at least every new vehicle will have a FASTag and make the no of FASTag users high

Toll plaza at Chennai bypass, Paranur and Athur along Tambaram - Tindivanam are not having any dedicated lane for FASTag nor they have hand held instruments to collect toll electronically through FASTag but are listed as toll plazas capable of accepting FASTag

This is causing lot inconvenience / arguments and delays

Please clarify if these are supposed to have mechanism to detect toll electronically thru FASTag or not?

If not why they are listed in your web site as toll plazas that can accept FASTag?

Sabapathi SR

Sent from my iPhone - Saba

Now Paranur and Tindivanam athur toll plaza have fastag, but my experience at paranur even if you make a return journey in a day they will deduct two times single journey, mine fastag from axis, they are pathetic in service

I suggest you to implement an immediate sale and activation of FASTAG at every toll plaza with documents presented are verified. This will encourage travelers buy and use fastags without any hassles. Thank you.

if we want to deduct the amount from the account we are in need of password .so without getting the OTP or password from the user how can we do?

Hello All,

Who have confusion regarding charges for return trip through Fastag, no need to worry at all as everything is being taken care by Fastag...

I have used the same while passing through toll booth on NE-1 from baroda to Anand.. one way trip charges is Rs. 35/- And Return ticket cost 55/-..
So while going to Anand, 35/- deducted from account and when I return within 24 hrs ( return applicable), I received sms for deduction of Rs. 20/- only .. so in total I paid, 55/- And Return trip considered.. so no need to worry and go for Fastag now.. it’s easy and efficient ...

I have the bitter experience at Paranur toll plaza, 10-2-18 made a same day return journey instead of 85 rs 110 rs deducted. Axis fastag is not at all responding. My money deducted excess and gone no reply no feedback from Paranur, Axis bank

on 10-2-18 i travelled inmy Fastag enabled vehicle Issue dby Axis bank. At paranur toll plaza 110 rs deducted for both ways, whereas the deduction is only 85 rs.

I have been writing email after email to Axis bank fastag personnel, so far no reply nor action and the refund is still pending.

All i want to Know, Has the Axis bank fastag have never faced the complaint of For return fare two times single fare is being deducted/

If no then they write a SOP for it and return the excess deducted from my account.

If they have come across such cases where for a return journey two times single fare is deducted, then what remedial action they have taken, they can follow the same procedure.

For paranur toll plaza, how your systems are calibrated and tested, if In a day a vehicle performs return trip how you are entitled to deduct two time single fare, if your system is faulty want to know who has installed and approved it.

Axis bank has no web page to make a complaint. No response from them IIHMCL is not at all responding.
Regret having purchased aa AXIS Fastag

i am using axis fastag in kerala. i have faced so many problems with this. one time bank debited two times from my account for single pass. even we fixed this tag also we have to wait for passing the toll plazas. so its better change the name of thus tag as quetag instead of fastag. some times toll plaza people will say your vehicle is black listed and the take money from us. after that they debit the money from our account also. it is clear, NHA cheating the public.

I started this services for customers,lets see ...great

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