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FastCopy - Faster Way To Copy Files On Windows

Windows default file copy/paste feature can be enhanced in many ways with utilities like TeraCopy and PikyBasket, FastCopy is yet another extension useful for performing fastest file copy/delete operation on Windows 7, Vista and XP.

FastCopy For Windows 7, Vista and XP

Open-source utility FastCopy enhances copy operations using various methods like simultaneous reading and writing in parallel by another thread when copying between two different media's and using a buffer when copying on same media, FastCopy also bypasses OS cache completely so other applications don't lag during operation.

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hmmmmmmmmmmmmm i think beta then this is copy faster software its copies ur high size in more or less 2-3 mins.....

abby dsouza

did Somebody try this? last comment was in Arabic I think, I am pretty satisfied wit teracopy, hope this wi be better

so useful for external drives, i like it


Didn't like it at all!!
Teracopy works much better under Xp and vista x64, can verify written data, though can't disable windows buffer nor increase its buffer..

It is good utility, but I don't like it's operations and now I have switched to ExtremeCopy

if u want a fast copy paste software then use GS RichCopy 360. it's very helpful software for copying items

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