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TeraCopy - Free Utility For Faster File & Folder Copying In Windows

TeraCopy is a must-have free replacement for default Windows copy/move operations, providing a much easier and faster way to copy/move files with advanced features not provided by Windows.


Major advantages of using TeraCopy:

  1. Copy files faster using dynamically adjusted buffers reducing overall seek times.
  2. Using TeraCopy you can simply pause copy process at any time to free up system resources and Resume with a single click.
  3. In case of a copy error, Unlike Windows TeraCopy will try several times and if not successful just skips the file without terminating the entire transfer.
  4. Convenient Windows Explorer integration offering easy access to last used copy/move destinations for faster copying.

  5. TeraCopy



What made you think this ??

Its free.

It vey well


how can i download it


Here is the direct download link:

use robocopy

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