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The Pale Moon Project - Custom Build Faster Firefox Browser For Modern CPU's

Firefox Pale MoonThe biggest advantage of open-source software is that developers are free to make changes to existing code and create completely customized version of the software, benefiting from the same "Project Pale Moon" is making Firefox faster by upto 25% on Windows platform by removing unwanted code (for most users) and optimizing it to benefit from latest CPU features making full use of enhanced instruction sets of newer CPUs.

Pale Moon Firefox

To achieve it's faster Firefox build goal "Pale Moon" disables features like ActiveX and ActiveX scripting, Accessibility features, Parental controls, Javascript debugging support, crashreporter and automatic updater by design. Also, do note that since "Pale Moon Browser" is specifically optimized for current processor generation that is 7th or later generation CPU with SSE2 support the browser will not run or will have problems on older hardware configurations.

"Pale Moon" shares your current Firefox profile (a portable version is also available if you don't want that) and you can use both Firefox and "Pale Moon" without changing anything permanently, benchmarking both in PeaceKeeper Browser Benchmark yielded following results :

Firefox 3.6 PeaceMaker Score
Pale Moon Firefox Mod PeaceMaker Score

The above benchmark clearly shows "Pale Moon" taking edge over "Firefox" install with exactly same profile (loaded tabs, extensions etc.), if you require the maximum juice from your beloved Firefox browser give this a try and do post back your experiences.

Project Pale Moon Links :


Wow, this is speedy on my Quad core.

Thanks, it is a bit faster than the firefox, even tho i don't really see that much of a difference.

Fake !

On the two images we can see THE SAME SCORE 3136

Big Fake !!!!

"Pale Moon" score image shows 3136 and Firefox one shows 3015 !! check images above, the current score is the one in bigger font on top.

well, I must try this browser..
I sometimes got CPU and Memory problem with Firefox

is this is faster than google chrome???

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