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Download Mozilla Firefox 7 With Faster Web Browsing And Optimized Memory Management

Mozilla Firefox 7 Final is out now and feature's the much awaited MemShrink memory optimizations to the popular web-browser, the new update to Firefox 6 brings an overall faster browsing experience to users by offering faster speeds when opening new tabs, enhanced performance when lots of tabs are open and during long Web browsing sessions that last hours or days, more responsive clicking on menu items and buttons on websites, lower memory consumption (see comparison between Firefox 6 and Firefox 7 before and after update with same tabs and load).

Firefox 6 Vs Firefox 7 Memory Consumption On Same Load (Click image for a larger version)

Firefox 6 Vs Firefox 7 Memory Consumption Comparison

Apart from the memory and speed enhancements - this release also features new tools which are designed to make it easier for developers to build speedy Web experiences for users. A new version of hardware-accelerated Canvas, W3C navigation timing spec API (allowing developers to measure page load time and other related crucial factors) and a brand new Telemetry tool to collect performance data across userbase for improving the browser performance further are also included.

Mozilla Firefox 7

Download Firefox 7 Final (en-US) :


Can we know what "load" exactly was used for this test? The number of tabs open, how long has the browser been open for, etc? Otherwise this comparison chart is useless.

The test was carried out under similar conditions just before and after upgrade to FF7, with 14 tabs open the system load was insured to be 0% for Firefox process. It is to be noted that since the test-bed had 4 core CPU and Firefox load was 0% under both conditions (CPU time/load becomes irrelevant) the results should be comparable under real-life test conditions.

this link is not working.."404 - Not Found" it shows when i start to download it..plz help

Sorry for the wrong link, it has been fixed now and is working as expected.

Dead link

I just checked my memory load and yep, it's significantly lower.
I like your Task Manager images. Mine (Win 7 (64) SP1), looks nothing like your images! They look mouch more useful. Have I missed any thing?

This is Microsoft Windows 8 Task Manager, you can download and install the devloper preview from here -

Neat! Thanks for the info.

dear sir plz tell me something about this firefox that how can i download on this website...

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