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uTorrent Serenity Mod - Highly Tweaked Torrent Downloader For Faster Downloads And Ratio Cheating

Although pretty much unethical Torrent ratio spoofing is very popular specially amongst users having slow connections, we have shared quite a few tricks to cheat your torrent ratio and here is yet another one of them.

uTorrent Serenity Mod Pack is an custom built of the popular uTorrent bittorent client, the modder tweaked this little software for cheating user share ratio to the tracker in a more secure and comprehensive way - a complete list of features with download link is available after the jump.

uTorrent Ratio Cheater Mod

The leecher pack contains the following mods:

-uTorrent Serenity.exe – The mod, has all features below except multi
-uTorrent Serenity x2.exe – Will 2x your total upload (fake upload) (and DHT-patch)
-uTorrent Serenity x4.exe – Will 4x your total upload (and DHT-patch)
-uTorrent Serenity x8.exe – Will 8x your total upload (and DHT-patch)

Ignores the private flag, so DHT and Peer Exchange is enabled for ANY new torrent.
(DHT FTW! *_*)

Your upload and download aren’t reported to the tracker, always reported as zero so you don’t have to worry about your ratings and fake stats.

The completed event isn’t sent to the tracker. (No entry in the snatchlist) *And yes it is really not reported, not like in other mods, here it just doesn’t send anything to tracker when you complete a torrent.

Your “left to download” stat is always reported to tracker as 100%, So that says you didn’t download anything.

Your “downloaded corrupt file-parts” stat isn’t reported to tracker (always zero), If you didn’t download anything, how come you downloaded something corrupt?!

-Removed adware installation of nasty toolbars etc for uTorrent setup.

-Changed default uTorrent icons with some bright nice ones

-Changed about page and added this website there as a button ^_^

Compared to other mods:
-ZeroLeacher feature (from other mods only Extreme mod has it)

-noComplete works way better (not sending any data at all)

-announce is fully correct and doesn’t differ from normal uTorrent reports to tracker (no corrupt session_id’s or decreasing “left to download” stat, so tracker won’t instant-ban you)

-no ads in title (that’s little annoying in my opinion, click “web site” in about page instead)

-not removed updating *if you want to see when new version comes out, and if it does, come here and get a new one :> *it can be ready in less than a day if I know about new version

Download Links :


Yup I tried and it works as it claims. Pretty handy tool to have.

nice post bro! thanks for this!

i tired.. link doesnt work.. even if it does sometimes it shows corrupted winrar files


Reupload the file in megaupload yaar..............

Sound good

complete with back door trojan.

i need it plz upload its once more its not working

recently i installed kaspersky internet security 2011..
it caught these serenity mod trying to access protected password storage.
a major security breach

no virus/trojan/whatever found..

those having malware reports.. you have shit on your pc unrelated to utorrent serenity.

use Winrar 3.93 or any higher version to extract.
in older versions,it's defunct.


hey,easy boy!!!


You have to use winRAR 4.0 for eg from the winrar site to open this file properly so you can enter the password stated on this page. It asks for the password on the file you are extracting.

This is really REALLY brilliant mod for those private trackers where you HAVE to upload at least 1:1 ratio.

I found the 8x crashed my modem but the 4x works flawlessly for me. Probably because it doesn't like handing out 375kB/s x8 upload or something?
Must be the way this mod works and its awesome!
Dont have to upload what seems forever now!
Also virtually undetectable as only says you are using utorrent 2.0.2.

Not on SendSpace, Megaupload, etc... Thank god I backed this up. Now, I dig thru external drives. Yea me.BUT on a bright note, I am more than willing, as this program is completely RAD!!!

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