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Folder Size - Analyze directory sizes and cleanup disks. Gain up to 50% free disk space. $400 Worth of Exclusive Licenses Giveaway

Due to the huge interest in the past for the products provided by MindGems Inc., Megaleecher is once again organizing a giveaway. This time we provide 10 PRO licenses worth $400 for Folder Size.

Folder Size is a popular disk space analysis tool developed by MindGems Inc. that can help with disk cleanup process and free up to 50% disk space in minutes. The tool can analyze all files and folders on a computer or network location and list them sorted by size and other properties in order to easily check the distribution of the disk space. Besides the professional and commercial versions, Folder Size has also a freeware variation that you can download for free from the company web site.

Folder Size

The main benefits of using this tools are:

            • List all files and folders sorted by size in order to easily identify disk space hogs.
            • List the largest files and/or folders. Identify and clean the locations that waste the largest amount of disk space.
            • Print folders and files
            • Export disk usage reports in XML, CSV, PDF, JPG and other file formats.
            • Scan local drives, network locations and removable disks and media.

Using Folder Size is pretty straightforward. Just select the drive to be analyzed from the list in the main toolbar and hit the "Scan" button. There is option also to scan a single folder or a network location using the button next to it name "Scan Folder...". The scan my take from several seconds up to several minutes depending on the speed and size of the drive that is being scanned. The results are presented in a neat list and can be sorted by clicking on the column titles of the various properties at the top. There is also a nice chart representation either as Bars or Pies that can also be used for navigation.

Folder Size has pretty simple interface which resembles the one of Windows Explorer and although a detailed help file is included one most likely will never need it except for the advanced features. The other important feature is the view type that is located on the toolbar and is in "Files and folders" mode by default. Switching the report type to "Largest files" or "Largest folders" lists the 50 largest items in the selected folder and all its subfolders. Using the navigation panel on the left to select a different location updates this report instantly.

There are options to filter the listed files and folders by name, size, attributes and age. The items that match the options can be either included or excluded from the results.

There are plenty of export options in the Personal and Professional editions of the tool. The results can be saved in a project file or exported to CSV, XML for further analysis. There are also plenty of print options that include printing to PDF, EMF, multi-page TIFF and other file formats. The content of the folder including various file and folder attributes can be printed or exported to multiple file formats.

Folder Size by MindGems is a FREE "MUST HAVE" tool for the disk cleanup process. It can free gigabytes of valuable disk space buried in the deep folder structure of a hard drive.

Folder Size PRO costs $39.95 to buy, we have been provided with 10 exclusive licenses for our blog readers.

How to enter this giveaway?

Please use the widget below. There are multiple ways to enter the giveaway. The more entries you make the higher chance you have to win. Winners will be chosen on random basis.End date for this giveaway is 4 NOV 2013.


So nice program.

very useful program - in other words, this is a must have software.

Very useful and nice program

Cool apps

It Will Help me to Clean My HDD. Thanks Megaleecher ! :)

Very nice and useful program :)

Nice giveaway, nice review.
Count me too ...

Got my license! Thanks!

I won! Just go the prize in my email! Woot! Thanks! :)

I have won one license too! I consider this program perfect to clean/organize my backup data across my spare HDDs. A pro license is so welcomed :D

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