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Folder Size Serial Number

Folder Size - Analyze directory sizes and cleanup disks. Gain up to 50% free disk space. $400 Worth of Exclusive Licenses Giveaway

Due to the huge interest in the past for the products provided by MindGems Inc., Megaleecher is once again organizing a giveaway. This time we provide 10 PRO licenses worth $400 for Folder Size.

Folder Size is a popular disk space analysis tool developed by MindGems Inc. that can help with disk cleanup process and free up to 50% disk space in minutes. The tool can analyze all files and folders on a computer or network location and list them sorted by size and other properties in order to easily check the distribution of the disk space. Besides the professional and commercial versions, Folder Size has also a freeware variation that you can download for free from the company web site.

Folder Size
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