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IsoPuzzle 1.6 - Free Data Recovery Solution For Scratched DVD 's & CD's

IsoPuzzle is a small (91 KB's!) and fast software to recover data from scratched and damaged CD's or DVD's, We have earlier discussed about recovering data from scratched disks using products like toothpaste and metal polish, IsoPuzzle comes handy when scratches can't be removed and data recovery is required.

The goal of this program is to recover as much as possible data of damaged, bad burned or scratched CDs or DVDs.

Please note as of now Audio CD, VCD and SVCD are not supported, All recovered data is stored in an "ISO" image file which can be read by mounted on various software such as "Daemon Tools", Every successfully read sector is stored in the image file (*.ISO) and will be marked "good" in the corresponding "flag" file (*.FLG).
If a read error is encountered a dummy sector will be written which will remain marked "bad". In this case a random number of sectors are skipped for faster progress.

Reaching the end of the disk a retry loop will be entered until all sectors have been read or a selectable "Give Up Time" has been reached.
After selecting the "Source" drive and the "Destination" folder the copy process can be started by pressing "Start".
The suggested filenames are taken from the DVDs volume label.
The copy process can be interrupted at any time by pressing the "Pause" button and can be continued by pressing "Start" again.
This way You can try to complete Your image file even on different machines with different CD drives - often one drive can read some sectors which are unreadable for an other one.
For using different drives You can share the image file *.ISO (together with the flag file *.FLG) on a network drive or put it on a portable disk (USB).

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Very helpful

your software is very helpful If I could downloadi t.

Very helpful.

Download site no longer there. Geo Cities closed. But you can get the beta 1.7 version here

vvvvvvvery goood

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