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Free Legal Licence To Windows Vista Ultimate, Micrsoft Office 2007, Or MS Money

Microsoft is offering free software licenses worth $400 under the "The Windows Feedback Program", if you are aged 18+ and a resident of USA you can participate before 31 December 2007 and get the goodies (however what you will get is not clear on information page), in return you will have to let Microsoft access to your computer usage data and answer to survey questions periodically.

Microsoft websites quotes:

If you choose to participate in the survey program, you will periodically be invited to take a survey. If you prefer to give us feedback in the form of data that is automatically collected on your computer and uploaded to our servers, all you need to do is opt in to our automated feedback program and download and install our software. It takes less than 2 minutes on a 56K modem, and we'll automatically receive your feedback.

You can signup and get more information here >>


When I have seen this article. I have read it immeadiately. Because is it true that I can have free legal licence to windows vista ultimate, microsoft office 2007, or microsoft money. If is it true can you plese give the legal licence of windows vista ultimate?

very nice

please give me micrsoft office 2007 by free

Its called spyware btw. Legalize! Let M$ become even MORE shitty!!! Let MS Users suffer MORE!!! THANK YOU BILL for making ppl switch to Linux from your SHITTY OS!!

plz help me to have a free license key for MS office 2007 because i can't use my MS word as of now. plz send me a license key

Very nice.

Please Sent Me legal licence Key for Vista.

please sent window vista license key(legal)

please send microsoft office profesional 2007 free licence

please send way to obtain free offic pro 2007 licence

Can i have the Vista license please?
If can please sent to my email
Thanks alot..

My email is I'm mistyped the email address earlier. Thanks..

please send me leagal key for office 2007 or any other version @ thank you

please send me leagal key for office 2007 @ Thank you

Pls help me to find out and send me legal key for Windows Vista

please give me msmoney

Pls! I really need office 2007 with key...Pls send me. Thanks!!

i want document legally.i do not want any diocument illegally through knowing and unknowingly.

Pls send me a free license key for Widows Vista.


microsoft is bad and i use linux

Please send me a legal key of MS Office 2007 please and thank you

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