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VTCWith a total of 541 different video tutorial titles for virtually everything related to computers, VTC would be the world's largest video tutorial producer, Thanks to Digital Inspiration and Fat Wallet forum members for sharing this trick using which you can access all the tutorials of this huge information resource for free, all you have to do is to enter the special promotion code following the steps below and gain access to full content.

Download VTC Tutorials
  1. Visit this special FileMaker Promotional Code signup page.
  2. Enter the coupon code u5atr3alvtcfr33 in the text-field that says "FileMaker Promotional Code."
  3. Complete the signup and enjoy one week free unlimited trial.
  4. Now, you can repeat the steps after one week and enjoy virtually free full lifetime access to VTC tutorials.


It workes really good

will u share with tried a lot not working

please send the filemaker code the one specified in this link is not working

Thanks for sharing. Keep share for education.

this is really helpful for knowledge. Thanks so much for sharing....

will u share with me.

Invalid code

the code worked for me but did not work for my friend , and when I tried again it did not work for me,and the trial i got was not for one week it was for 30 days

the code doesn't work anymore

somebody help me!

VTC Blacklisted the above promotional code.

Can anyone share a new promotional code? please!

plz provide me a new code to access the vtc

try this link
there you can find and download useful software


I am unable to register with that promotional code.. it says me that "Invalid Promotional Code".

Invalid Promotional Code.

Invalid Promotional Code

it doesnt work anymore

Invalid Pomotional Code

This method works only for Filemaker trainings, the other trainings are still inaccessible except the free content.

not working ....

Hello Friends,

please provide sharepoint VTC online vedios.

Thank You


this promotional code is invalid


works on feb. 16 2010

code invalid....

can one get me a promo valid please i need it, thx a much

Please share a valid VTC promotional code. I haven't found any that works. Thanks.

Please share a vtc promo code for 7 days or 30 days or free access information.


plz provide the FileMaker Code for

Please provide VTC FileMaker Code at for 30 days trial.

invalid codeit says,
please send me some working code

invalid codeit says,
please send me some working code at

The code referenced in this post was meant for an individual user and has since expired. VTC provides the first three chapters of any title free to view on our website.

dis coad is not working....plsssssss send me new coad...

please send me filemaker code

Can someone please forward me a promotional code??????
i gotta learn C++ before the fall semester..pleassseee help..

can some one please forward me the promotional code...
i must learn C++ before the fall semester. (


i needed it badly to view blocked videos on vtc

please send me the promotional code at my mail


Plz provide code
that code which mention above is invalid nay one plz send or tell me
how that code get or creat from where ?

Please send me the vtc promotional code at

Please send me the vtc promotional code at

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