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Google Chrome Task Manager

Google Chrome Beta is finally available for public downloading, overall the browser seems quite impressive and has potential to become the Firefox killer, One of the most interesting feature not found in any other web-browser is its multi-threading capabilities with inbuilt Google Chrome Task Manager utility letting developers check memory, cpu and bandwidth usage of their webpages.

Chrome Task Manager
How To Launch Chrome Task Manager

Another cool extension to the Chrome Task Manager is comparison of memory usage by different web-browsers currently loaded in memory accessible via typing

about:memory in the Google Chrome address bar.

about:memory in Chrome


Well I have heard a lot about Google Chrome in many blog sites, but all those were how to articles explaining the processes of doing this or that using Google Chrome. But I really don’t know about it, in details- like what it is and what it is used for. I expect more details from you.

Here is a chrome task manager that convinced me completely and I decided to try it. I don't think it will be Mozilla killer but surely it good.

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