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Google Chrome Task Manager

Google Chrome Beta is finally available for public downloading, overall the browser seems quite impressive and has potential to become the Firefox killer, One of the most interesting feature not found in any other web-browser is its multi-threading capabilities with inbuilt Google Chrome Task Manager utility letting developers check memory, cpu and bandwidth usage of their webpages.

Chrome Task Manager
How To Launch Chrome Task Manager

Another cool extension to the Chrome Task Manager is comparison of memory usage by different web-browsers currently loaded in memory accessible via typing

Opera 9.5 With Haute Secure Anti-Malware Protection

Opera 9.5Opera released Beta 2 of their upcoming Opera 9.5 web-browser for public download, Opera is the most feature rich web-browser out-of-the-box, and Opera 9.5 is coming with another much sought after feature - inbuilt Anti-malware protection from Haute Secure (A well known community based malware database), Firefox 3 is the only other browser to have in-built anti-malware protection but it uses data from Google and StopBadware for blocking malicious webpages before it loads on your browser.

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