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All New Facebook Timeline And Tricks To Activate It Now

Facebook - the world's biggest social networking website is all set for a major new profile system upgrade, dubbed the "Facebook Timeline" the new profile presentation system allows users to save and share their life timeline easily. Allowing users to "Share" and "Organize" their most memorable posts, photos and life events on their "Facebook Timeline" - the handy feature will let users tell their story from beginning, in-middle, and now.

The new profile display system is currently only available to developers, here are two ways on how to get this feature now officially as well as unofficially.

What is Facebook Timeline ?

If you don't need the feature now and can wait for it's official launch, head over to the official "Signup" page at - and click the "Sign Me Up" button.

Facebook Timeline Signup

Another way to get the "Facebook Timeline" feature activated right now is to follow the steps below :

  1. Goto and click "Allow", if you are already a developer you will need to activate "Open Graph" as shown next.
  2. Facebook Developer Account
  3. Once you have a "Facebook Developer" account you need to make sure you have a working "FB App" with proper namespace and activated "Open Graph" access.
  4. Now navigate to and click "Edit Open Graph" page, once "Open Graph" page opens 'create new action type like "read" a "book" and complete all the steps.
  5. Facebook Open Graph
    Facebook Open Graph
  6. Within few minutes you will see an invitation to join "Facebook Timeline" on Facebook, make sure you click "Get it now".
  7. Facebook Timeline Invitation
  8. You should now get migrated to the new "Facebook Timeline" profile with following message.
  9. Facebook timeline warning


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i want my old profile can u help me hoe 2 cancel my timeline ?

paano ba maiaalis anq timeline?


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