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Facebook Your Phone Has A 'Name' Is Just A Hoax

You might have encountered the below shown post circulating on Facebook, the post tells that your cellphone has a secret "name" and any user can discover it by typing the last three digits of your phone number into the comments section. Apparently, it works and a name gets displayed when this is done from your mobile phone. However, the reason is not that your phone has a secret identity but because the bracketed code is a short-code which corresponds not to your phone but to a real Facebook user identity who's name gets displayed when you use it.

Facebook Hoax

[Video] Facebook Introduces "Say Thanks" Feature

Facebook is rolling out its new Say Thanks feature, the new feature allows users to create personalized video cards for their friends with just a few clicks. The best part is, all one needs to do is to pick a theme and select which memories (photos and posts from Timeline) they want to be used in the video, once previewed the user simply clicks the "share" button and the final video gets posted on their timeline with friend getting automatically tagged and the video showing up on his or her timeline.

Facebook Say Thanks

This Is Why You Should Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently

Facebook to buy WhatsApp for $19 billion, the question is what about your privacy now?

Facebook "Likes" WhatsApp in a big way, so big, that they bought it for a whooping deal valuing $19 billion. The deal involves paying WhatsApp team a total of $4 billion in cash, $12 billion in stock and $3 billion in restricted stock vested over several years. It is to be noted that this deal is worth more than what Facebook raised in its own IPO, this is not all - the acquisition is not only the company's largest but also bigger than any that Google, Microsoft or Apple have ever done.

WhatsApp strictly stuck to the "No Ads" and "100% Private" no data sharing policy for long maintaining the 450 million monthly active userbase, with this acquisition the big question is "What about privacy and intrusive advertising which facebook is often associated with?". Well both facebook and WhatsApp has written about this as shared below.

facebook buys whatsapp

Is facebook scamming advertiser's with fake likes?

When it comes to doing business, we don't expect any foul-play by big corporations like Facebook - but, that does not seems to be the case here. As you can see from the official pitch of facebook ads, these ads are supposed to be highly targeted and should result in engagement. However, this is not what advertisers are experiencing - as an example the "US Department of State" spent $630,000 to acquire 2 million likes to their Facebook page only to realize that only 2% of these were engaged. Advertisers are seeing that not only the "Likes" supplied are from fake profiles, but they are way off target even when opting for strict demographic boundaries to promote the content on. Do watch the excellent video posted below on what facebook is selling and what advertisers are getting.

Facebook fraud

A Working Noob Friendly Facebook Exploit Which Allows Any User To Gain Full-Access To Other Facebook Accounts

Today I received the below email with subject "Confirm your ownership of" asking me to claim my facebook email address, first it seemed like an phishing email but on closer inspection of links and sender headers it turned out to be a genuine email with correct links and real facebook as sender. I was pretty sure there was something fishy and on researching the target link I discovered a recent working exploit for facebook which only got public on June,14 2013 and was used by someone to try and hack my facebook account. This noob friendly hack exploits a critical vulnerability in Facebook which allows a hacker to easily take complete control over any Facebook account if victim clicks the link while logged into Facebook.

Facebook Home - a new way to turn your Android phone into a great, living, social phone

The mystery around much rumored Facebook Phone is finally revealed as the company announced there new facebook launcher (skin/theme/overlay!!) application for android phones, the utility offers a tightly integrated "social first" experience on the mobile platform. The first phone to come pre-loaded with Facebook Home would be HTC First, which goes on sale in the U.S. on April 12.

Facebook Home

Do checkout the Facebook Home intro videos, features, and hands-on video posted below.

Facebook introduces improved newsfeed, watch intro video and get access before everybody else does..

It's always a big news when world's largest online social networking website introduces new changes, the last time this happened was when facebook launched the Timeline feature; Many of you loved it and many not.

facebook is once again all set to revamp the newsfeed. With a better clutter free interface which focuses more on stories from the people you care about, the redesigned feed is highly visual with bigger and brighter photos, videos, news articles, maps etc. shared by your friends.

access facebook feed

The new design will be rolled out gradually to all users, you can get it before your friends using the link shared at the end of this post. Also, do watch the introduction video posted ahead to get a gist of what's into offering.

Cover Creators for Facebook

Though creating a Facebook cover isn’t exactly rocket science, unless you have the design acumen (whether that’s with a pen and paper or with a professional design package) to create something yourself you’ll likely find yourself twiddling your thumbs for hours and ends rather than end up with a please to the eye Facebook cover.

The endeavour of creating a cover for your Facebook timeline isn’t something that necessarily needs to be left to chance and a time consuming painstaking effort armed with a digital paintbrush. There are instead a variety of cover creator applications for your Facebook timeline and this article will review them.

Although there are of course a variety of websites that distribute covers for Facebook, none of them give you a hand on the creative input of the cover and as such, to some extent; it’s like photocopying your school art homework from someone more talented. Whilst it gets you something pretty it feels a bit wrong.

The advantage of a cover creator for Facebook is that you are able to make up your own Facebook cover to some extent without the inconvenience of mastering digital art skills.

Make a Cover for Facebook

Released just two months ago, this Facebook cover creator has started to make strides in popularity. Whilst Make a Cover for Facebook is somewhat late to the cover creating party, it does offer something just a bit different to the existing Facebook cover applications that are available to use.

The unique selling point of this cover maker app is that users modify the template of a selected character composing up a composite image from a collection of clothing wears and a range of facial expressions.

Users compose a Facebook cover in a systematic fashion by choosing the options that appeal the most, a cover preview window is automatically updated whilst choices are made.

Grab six month legal antivirus licence of many popular brands for PC, MAC and Mobile


Computers and internet is a big part of our social life today, as we increasingly use the online media we have greater chances to encounter security threats related to it. Facebook the leading social-networking website understands this security need well, and has launched an initiative to help user understand online security better. To safeguard users from online threats facebook is collaborating with major security software providers offering six month licences for users to products like Kaspersky Pure, Norton Antivirus, McAfee, AVG, Panda and many more for free - better, this lineup is not limited to PC only as security products for MAC and mobile are also provided free of cost.

Kaspersky Pure Security
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