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Better Ways To Search Indian Railways Trains, Schedule, Availability And Fare

Indian Railways is one of the largest train networks in the world, with more than 1.6 million employees it is also the world's largest commercial employer, transporting seventeen million passengers and more than two million tonnes of freight daily this is surely one of the busiest rail networks in world. Indian Railways provides a simple and efficient online train reservation and information system through its IRCTC portal for its services.

While the official IRCTC portal provides all the information and services you need, it still lacks good presentation and ease of use, Today I will be sharing two new services allowing fast and efficient inquiry service for Indian Railways, The search services retrieves data from Indian Rail servers and display them in a much better way allowing you to easily find seat availability and fares.

Rediff Fare SearchThe first service "Rediff Trains FareSearch" comes from Rediff the leading Indian online portal, the search offers nice ajax powered search suggestions and easy to use navigation with fast information retrieval.

Indian Rail Reservation

Search results are provided with departure, arrival and fare details with links to check availability and online booking, Flight suggestions with full fair and schedule details are also displayed along with the train results.

Indian Rail Fare Search

The second service "" provides a very innovative and powerful ajax powered single-page browsing interface displaying all the information you need on a single page, which ironically also makes the interface cluttered and unfriendly for users, offers all the information you need like available trains, time-table, schedule, fare, seat availability, PNR status, train route, and distance between two stations.


Personally, I prefer eRail over Rediff Trains FareSearch for its powerful interface. eRail service is in Beta and interface enhancements should be expected in future, I would suggest making use of fluid layout allowing proper information display for users with bigger screens.


The better way to search Indian trains looks great and it open fast, no pop-up, user friendly. Every information in a single page. This concept is good and some of the features like calendar, train running day has not come in a single website in this reviews. the most important features i have seen in this site that if the user does not know the station code then also he can see all the trains and it is only website which have a drop menu box for the important station from where you can choose the station name and also it has a date calendar from you can choose the date and it show the running day of the train so that you can know which day of the week this train is running. the other most important feature I have seen in this website that it show the train which does not have the reservation coach for the benefit of the user and they are showing the passenger train also which is also not available in any website. This site will enable the users to search train route and compare fares of most of the trains in India.

THANK YOU So much, this site is very helpful for all indians.lot of stuff is here in this website am already bookmarked for revisiting - verification made easy through our website via mobile calling & sms & website also. is not suitable for opera mini. It does not display the list of trains after selecting the stations.

See live tracking of any train in India on Google Maps on this mash up.

hi there,
i found a web site, called here can get all related about indian rail way.

this is one of very bad site for trains search

There is a new website for Passenger Reservation Enquiry with many enhanced features that give better user experience. Thought of sharing the link for the benefit of all


great Indian railways train search

whenis this train going to seart

No doubt, all mentioned site is good for all kind of train enquiry. But you know few weeks ago while searching over the web i came across a website that not only provide train reservation enquiry but also various other services like pnr status checking, train time schedule, flight status enquiry etc.

Thanks for giving info about check PNR status but have found another website over the web on whcih you can check PNR status It is even better option for Online User.

Indeed you are doing great job by posting train information. One can check pnr status on one of the oldest and most used site on the called

currently is the Fastest Indian Railways seat availability search engine.

you can check your reservation status through

its a better way to get the train seat availability schedule and fare from your site

THANK YOU So much s this site is very help full for all over Indians.lot of stuff is here in this website am already bookmarked for revisiting

Railhub.In verification made easy through our website via mobile calling & sms & website also.

Very useful railway information is provided here. For booking your railway tickets you need to login IRCTC next generation ticket booking page. After booking your seats you need to check reservation. This can be done at Railway PNR status check page.

My experience in Indian railways. I found the information good. It is quite good to check availability before coming out from home. is a very fast and one of the easiest searching train portal. You can find trains between any station along with the availability and the fare.

While browsing through the web finally searched an awesome blog sharing details about pnr status. Keep sharing such relevant information in future.

This post really looks perfect sharing information about indian railway pnr status live. Through this I could get the best solution without wasting my much time. Thanks for details.

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