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IOBit Game Booster 2 Premium Free Genuine Licenses Giveaway

Every computer gamer wants to squeeze-out the last bit of computing power possible, and utilities like IOBit Game Booster 2 (Free version reviewed earlier) help them achieve there goal. Under a limited period promotion IObit is giving away Game Booster 2 Premium license worth $9.99 regularly for free during the entire week from Feb. 21 to Feb 27.

Game Booster 2 is designed as a “one-click-switch” to turn any PC into a “game machine” that provides a better and smoother gaming experience. It works by temporarily shutting down unnecessary background processes and services to concentrate the computer’s resources on the gaming application being played. Afterwards, users can easily switch the PC back to normal operation, restarting all the shut-down processes and services. According to a recent user survey, 80% of gaming enthusiasts say their gaming experience is “remarkably improved” by Game Booster 2.

 IOBit Game Booster 2 Premium

Game Booster 2 Premium Features :

Play Games Lag-free

Using IObit's latest "Enhanced 3rd parties' services detection" technology, Game Booster Premium can automatically detect and close more unnecessary background services, thus more system resources after release will be dedicated to responsive game playing and smooth image displaying. What's more, after tweaking system settings, you PC can run at it top performance, so is your game.

Fast Game Launching and Response

Game Defrag is another technology in Game Booster Premium that makes game launching faster and game playing more responsive. After defragging the game folder, the game files will be perfected allocated on your disk to allow quickest access and read, so again you are gaming faster!

Keep Your Hardware Drivers Up-to-Date

PC gamers know how important to install new drivers for modern PC games. Game Booster Premium keeps every game's specialized drivers up-to-date, including drivers for video/sound cards.

To get your own free copy of "IOBit Game Booster 2 Premium", visit the promo-page and follow onscreen instructions.


f* facebook cra|P why isnt there usual email confirmation ...

thanks anyways (not satisfied !)

i dont have facebook, doh

nice software works like a charm when i play dota no antivirus pop up nothing

wat do i do with da licence code??

Got code but not able to get link to download program. Will try again tomorrow.

hi i followed the instructions and done everything it asks me to do i had gamebooster free adet in my pc so i added the key and it says activated but the gaming box still only allows 1 game to be added and that's all, the free version gives you so this isn't really anything for nothing the product key doesn't make it any better and no mater if you use the free edit or ure 1 it wont make any difference has any1 else tryd this for im disappointing in this ... thought i was getting it for free n yet i didn't

This is just another scam from the same bunch of thieves who continually steal software code from other - mostly American - companies and individuals and sell it as their own (most recently publicized by Malwarebytes, but hardly an isolated instance) . Now they are trying to improve their justifiably horrible reputation by tricking people in to "Liking" their product page on "Facebook" by offering a totally useless license code for "Game Booster Premium 2" (to "celebrate the new release" which actually came out last September). The only way to get the premium version of the software is to PAY THEM IN ADVANCE. You cannot download the premium version as a trial or any other way, unless you PAY THEM FIRST, and putting the useless so-called license code in the free version changes nothing. These witless communist crooks can't even figure out that openly and obviously lying to, defrauding, and stealing from the rest of the world won't bring them accolades, respect, and success! What a bunch of disgusting losers.

Hello everyone,

We’ve been notified that the premium version may revert back to free when relaunching the program. This might be a bug and will be fixed very soon after the release of version 2.3. So please DO NOT throw away your license code.

Again we are not to reply to those vicious comments.


Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the inconvenience. Yes we have been notified with the license issue of the code can not stick to Game Booster2.0 Premium, unfortunately it is a bug in the current version. Good news is that this bug is to be fixed very soon in the release of Game Booster v 2.3. SO DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR LICENSE CODE!

For anyone who doesn’t know the download URL, (it is fixed in the promotion page)

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