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ourTunes - Share Your iTunes Files

ourTunes is a java based open-source cross-platform application to share MP3 & AAC music files over a shared network, ourTunes allows users to connect to other iTunes on the network and share files, the software is quite popular now with more then 3,000,000 downloads.

iTunes Alternative

iTunes does allow music sharing to a maximum of five users every 24 hours to connect and listen to the music of another user who has enabled sharing on a given subnetwork, However, ourTunes allows users to download music files to their own computer and provides the functionality to search through the songs from all connected hosts. ourTunes cannot download music purchased from the iTunes Music Store. unlike other P2P clients you cannot share your files over internet.

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Unfortunately ourTunes (and the similar myTunes for Windows only) doesn't work for iTunes 7 or 8, due to changes in the cryptographic key exchange Apple uses. You will see the shares on your local network briefly, then they will disappear as ourTunes tries to connect to them. This has been the case for a couple of years now and probably will remain true for some time.

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