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Watch Hulu and ABC TV Streams Outside USA

Both ABC TV and Hulu provide free full-length online TV show streaming in standard and HD quality for USA visitors, but use geographical filtering based on visitor IP to block access of video content for users from other countries.

TV Stream Blocked Outside USA

However, as usual their are ways to bypass these restriction's and watch Hulu and ABC TV streams from outside USA, without hassle and spending money on USA VPN services, generally used to bypass this type of IP based filtering.

GPassWe will be using free, portable anti-censorship utility GPass for changing our IP address and access these USA only video streams, unlike similar proxy based solutions GPass provides faster servers including capabilities to use streaming audio/video content, FTP, email, instant messaging, download managers etc anonymously via there proxy bypassing IP based content filtering.

GPass Anti-Filtering Solution

GPass anti-jamming utility features:

  • Standalone, small and easy to use utility for encrypted anonymous bypassing of network censorship.
  • Support accessing Web 2.0 sites using ajax, blocked at Office
  • Support for Skype and Tor as backup tunnels, in addition to the GPass native tunnels.
  • Multilingual and multi-skin support.
  • Socks5 servers support.
  • Includes AES256 encrypted GSafe Data Management for secure bookmark management, multi-track calendar planner, to-do list, and safe notes.
  • Integrated application firewall to control internet access of all applications, either launched from GPass or outside.
ABC TV Full Episode Video Stream Accessible Outside USA Via GPass
ABC TV Via GPass Video Stream Accessible Outside USA Via GPass
Hulu Video From Outside USA Via GPass

Apart from accessing US only video content, GPass is also an excellent solution to bypass internet censorship at work, school, libraries and colleges for accessing bocked websites like Orkut, Facebook and Myspace.

UPDATE : You can make use of Free VPN Clients discussed here as an alternative to the trick above.


I checked this from India and it worked fine, ABC offers some great shown online, Now I can watch full episodes of all these shows:

* Dance Machine
* Desperate Housewives
* Dirty Sexy Money
* Duel
* Eli Stone
* Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
* Grey's Anatomy
* High School Musical: Get in the Picture
* Hopkins
* I Survived A Japanese Game Show
* Jimmy Kimmel Live!
* The Last Lecture
* Lost
* The Mole
* My So-Called Life
* Notes From The Underbelly
* Private Practice
* Pushing Daisies
* Samantha Who?
* Stand Up To Cancer
* Ugly Betty
* Wipeout

Will try this, I want to bypass my college network filetr censoring access to social-networking site, I guess this will let me access orkut from office.

Using firefox with gpass trying to load hulu and it just seems to crash

I tried and it worked fine, why don't you use another browser if Firefox is crashing, also try updating your flash player to version 10 as version 9 could be the problem.

Works Now :)

I was playing a game called World of Warcraft from my school and now have been hacked for the second time, i use the application through gpass to play on the weekdays and it seems every timei it trys to change my password. GPASS must have a keylogger or someone must be observing everything that is typed. watch out when you enter bank accounts and stuff, there is something awkward about the program gpass.

It is not advisable to use sensitive information via any such gateway let alone GPass.

Unfortunately for me it basically works the same as most of the other free progams of this ilk, just to slow to stream the shows at a watchable rate.Pity as it is so easy to use.

this program sucks it crashes a lot and stops working any one knows how to fix it?

Detected as trojan by Avast antivirus !

Maybe a false alarm, Better try scanning it using free online multi-engine anti-virus Scanner's.

Use usa vpn service to access USA TV channels and other USA online services. It's a better way than others proxy or something else.

Too slow for me. Bitorrent is the way to go.

Works for me fine. It's enough fast to watch hi-res clips from and Thanks mate for your advise.

i tried it, works fine, but!!!!

my pc wont restar and turn off.

is it really working that way.

i manage to turn off, is when i exit gpass

really useful

Hulu recently banned hotshield users from accessing their site. There are still dozens of paid alternatives though.

Gpass is only available for windows. What would you recommend I use to access hulu from my mac?

hulu is saying that "based on your ip, we noticed you are trying to asses hulu through an anoymous proxy tool"

does it work for wmp internet tv. cuz im in mexico and i'd usually use hotspot shield to watch hulu but it doesnt work for windows media player... i have a vista

How do I use GPass? Is it just to start the program and then just wait? It says "searching for tunnels" how long can it take to be done? Can I have Internet Explorer in the backgrond at the same time?

I have Windows vista and live in SWEDEN


use if you are having problems with this or try strongvpn they are really good.

Where do you enter

mine is searching for tunnels for long time what do i do applications working when staring via gpass.

try the following VPN1. hotspot shield free working 100%2. over play vpn free usa ip 3.proXPN working aqlso very fine 4.or create lots of VPN free of course at macro vpn....hope i ,ll help.....

Every USA VPN can help to watch hulu and abc outside the usa. I use a personal usa vpn for this. It works fine and I did not have any problem with that.

cant find out how to do this, downloaded gpass and many other proxy servers. Help ha

This does not work with my Opera version 11.11.2109.0, normal browsing does not work.
I hate proxies and country blocking firewall things, the shows are released free, why not available in other countries? Everything is available pirated for free anyway.

Just pirate stuff. I fully advocate piracy.

I use a USA vpn account to watch Hulu and Netflix abroad. With vpn I got US ip and this resolve my problem.

How do I use a US vpn?

yeah, I use a paid vpn from and they let me use their other servers located in other countries with no hassle as extra fees, they also have different types of vpn to choose from depending on what you need when it come to speed and security purposes. Really nice service.

I love U.S. popular channels like netflix and hulu but earlier I was disappointed as these channels are not available anywhere in world except U.S. but then a friend of mine told me that I can assess it by changing dns / vpn address through 3rd party software. While googling there were so many options came out like unblock, hidemy and unotelly , tried all and found unotelly is the best out of all. check out their free version. I am sure you will like it.

Works for me fine, thanks mate for your help !

A VPN will surely make your connection secure and anonymous.I get The View on regular tv channel!

Thanks for the article Deepesh. ABC Go offers some great shows and of course the ABC live feature. If you don’t live in US, you can use VPN to access it in your country.

Hi everyone
I would like to share this program with you
~~I wasel~~
After trying this software i think that i have to share it .
I wasel allows you to open any blocked sites u can imagine.
It also changes your ip address free to choose between 6 servers.
It also unblock the Skype, Paltalk and everything.
You can use it on your cellphone.
I think you have to try it
Go download it now

I still can't believe you are using VPN services !!
Try out various DNS services that are available. They are basically the same thing (from
the outside at least) but offers faster streaming and unlimited
My fav was tunlr which is a completely free service !! But
sice they have dropped support for netflix, i have turned to acevpn,
another awesome service at only 4 bucks a month. I am sure once you try
it you will forget VPNs !!

VPN is a case of I came, I saw, I conquered. The world is a small village and watching hulu in Croatia or watching Netflix in Slovenia is just as easy as watching my favorite programs back home in the US. I would not dream of going anywhere without VPN.

I use VPN to watch stuff from Hulu, Netflix(so glad they don't verify if your card is from the US or not) and the BBC iPlayer. It is cheap, only down side is I have to manually change between a UK and US location each time. It's very easy to use.

Thanks for the article Deepesh. ABC Go offers some great shows and of course the ABC live feature. If you don’t live in US, you can use UnoTelly or similar tools to access it in your country.

Thanks for sharing! I love Hulu plus especially because I can watch the latest Family Guy episodes 1 day after they air. If you live outside USA like me, you can use DNS services or VPN to access Hulu Plus overseas.

tks bro

I think it is server problem because I had faced many problems to watch abc go live because streaming of abc is blocked in my region that's why i am using VPN to access abc. I had faced many problems in choosing a VPN for streaming because most VPNs are not reliable and slow down the speed of internet but finally, very helpful article recommend me, ExpressVPN and it gives me excellent results more than my expectation. I had tried many VPNs for streaming but none is better than Express VPN.

Now I am watching abc go online without buffering.

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