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7 Ways IT Process Automation Equals Business Growth

In today’s competitive business environment, it’s critical that you maximize your ROI and business impact while maintaining and minimizing your costs. That’s why so many businesses have turned to IT process automation tech to automate workflow.

Benefits Of IT Process Automation

Deploying IT Process Automation (ITPA) can simplify workflow. This efficient use of resource provides an assortment of benefits:

1. IT Process automation can handle common service requests, such as adding new users, password resets, server provisioning, or expanding capacity. This dramatically reduces IT trouble tickets and speeds up the process for users.

2. Automating large-volume and repetitive tasks can increase IT performance and reduce human errors in IT processes. This produces consistent reliability.

3. IT Process Automation allows for rapid scalability without increasing headcount. ITPA can handle additional provisioning without human intervention.

4. Single consoles can monitor multiple vendors and platforms. Using broad rule-based processes allow for automation across hybrid environments, including onsite and cloud-based applications.

5. Predictive analytics and pattern-matching tools can identify potential problems in real-time and prevent downtime.

6. File transfers can be integrated into the process and happen automatically. This provides more reliable straight-through processing and makes enterprises more predictable with fewer errors.

7. Maintenance can be handled efficiently. Backups, disaster recovery, incident and change management, and virtual machine life-cycles are performed reliably.

Each of these benefits the business and can accelerate business growth.

IT Process Automation Helps WIth Employee Turnover And Burn Out

ITPA allows you to automate tasks and frees up your team from routine activities to focus on more important projects and higher-level service requests. More than 40 percent of workers surveyed spend at least 10 hours a week on repetitive tasks. Automating these tasks, using rules-based, process automation can give you as much as a 25 percent increase in efficiency.

These routine tasks can also wear people down. It can sap their energy and make them feel they are wasting their talents. Process automation helps prevent employee burnout and gives employees a bigger sense of purpose since they can focus on more important work. Engaged employees perform better.

IT Process Automation Is Transforming Business

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools, like Atera, facilitate the automation of IT processes. Remote support, help desk, billing, and reporting can be handled in one platform. Coupled with a managed service provider (MSP) strategy, you can increase productivity without the need for expensive in-house IT support.

Remote access and support allow your team members to stay connected when they are traveling or working remotely. An integrated help desk can bring together visibility on all of your business performance metrics.

Businesses are automating a variety of tasks to improve performance:

8. Real-time alerting
9. Custom scripting
10. Contract & SLA management
11. IT automation, maintenance, and administration
12. Integrated remote support
13. Billing and invoicing
14. Automated software updates and patches (internally and for customers)
15. IT service desk and help desk
16. Remote monitoring

Advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and software platforms are allowing for increased efficiencies and performance. McKinsey reports that process automation can transform business processes and produce a typical three to ten times cost return.

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