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PwnTunes - Utility To Sync Music, Images And Files To Your iPhone Without iTunes From Multiple Computers

PwnTunesPwnTunes a new Cydia app from the makers of popular application iRealSMS allows users to use their iPhone and iPod Touch as an removable USB drive with music and image syncing functionality - without requiring any software on connecting computer. There are quite a few free iTunes alternatives but all of them require users to launch the application on connecting computer, PwnTunes on the other hand makes the iDevice detect as an removable USB drive and all you need to do is to drag-n-drop files in respective folders and it will automatically import Music/Images from there without loosing existing library on the device.


PwnTunes Features :

* Drag&Drop Music Import/Export without iTunes
o If you don't like iTunes now you can simply ignore it - and have your Music with you anyway!
o Now you can import Music from all your friend's PCs without loosing Music already on device.

* Access iTunes Music from any PC without iTunes
o Now you can share all your Music with all your friends - as simple as with every USB-Stick / MP3-Player. **
o Now you can backup your iTunes Music to another PC.

* Use iPhone/iPod/iPad as USB-Stick for any Files
o Now you can take advantage of the iDevice's harddisk as a USB-Stick and take all your Files with you - and leave that little ugly USB-Stick at home.

* No extra Software on PC required
o All this is as easy as plugging the USB cable into any PC.

* Prepared for iPhone OS 4.0 ***

System Requirements

* Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP with Fix (included)

Sadly PwnTunes is not free and you will need to shell out $12.99 to but the app from Cydia store.

PwnTunes Demo


What a pity you have elected to background an instructional video with obnoxious music.

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