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Read Less to Learn More -- Librum’s Approach to Reading

Like many people, the founders of Librum were faced with a predicament. They were hungry for knowledge and loved reading, but their busy schedules forced the, to put off their desire to learn. So they thought, how can this problem be solved? And so Librum began taking form. They started by getting highly qualified writers to summarize non-fiction books. Books such as “Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking”, “Zero to One: Notes on Startups” and “Disney War”.

If you love reading but find that you often lack the time, then Librum is for you. The Vancouver-based startup is offering a valuable service to eager learners; free access to a library of non-fiction book summaries. Other websites offer a similar service, but none have come out and made it free. Driven by the desire to make learning material available to everyone, Librum presents users with detailed summaries of today’s hottest non-fiction books. They are currently offering free summaries on their website and will be constantly growing their library. In the near future, they will be releasing an iOS and Android application that will allow you to read summaries on the go.


The founders are currently developing Librum Go, a premium version of Librum. This will include audio recordings of the summaries will be added. Librum Go will also give users the ability to vote on which non-fiction books they would like summarized. On top of that, Librum Go will also include Spritz™, a highly innovative technology that allows users to significantly increase their reading speed. You can start slow and work your way up to a whopping 700 words-per-minute! But no need to worry! The summaries will still be available for free to users who don’t upgrade to Librum Go; that will never be taken away.

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