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Connecting to a VNC or Samba server from MAC OS X

There are some excellent free VNC Viewer applications like UltraVNC on Microsoft Windows platform, and if you are looking to access remote computers over VNC on Apple MAC OS X platform there is no need to install anything as the functionality comes built-in as Screen Sharing App.

VNC on Mac OS X

To get started with accessing a Remote VNC desktop session or Samba file-sharing on Mac OS X, simply follow the steps as below :

  1. Launch Finder and press Command + K key combo to start "Connect to server" dialog box.
  2. Now, to access a VNC server enter its IP/Hostname starting with vnc://VNCSERVERIP/ as shown below and click Connect.
  3. Server setup
  4. Follow onscreen instructions and prompts.
  5. VNC
  6. The connection will complete and you can control the remote desktop screen.
  7. VNC on Mac OS X
  8. The procedure is same for accessing a Samba file share over network, just use smb://SERVERIP/ as shown below.
  9. Samba Share
    Samba share mounted


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