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Google Experimenting New Ad-Format - "Interesting Items by Google"

Google AdsenseLately Google is experimenting new ad-formats and ad-styles to attract more clickers to its Google Adsense advertisements, while testing my website in Apple Safari 4 Beta it displayed a new experimental ad-format named "Interesting Items by Google", the advertisement module displayed an RSS logo with links to an completely untargeted recipe website as shown below.

New Adsense Ad Format Interesting Items by Google

The new ad-format seems to pull related RSS feeds and display them in the module, but in my case it was way off-target displaying recipe ads, this is still experimental and the targeting should get fixed once this is rolled out to all users and publishers.

Clicking the link powered by Google takes you to this help-page describing the new ad-format as:

Google Interesting Items are an experiment to occasionally show you interesting content as you browse the web. You will see these items appear instead of some ads we normally show on websites that participate in our AdSense program.

The content you see is selected by our algorithms using a variety of different ways. Our algorithms do not use any personal information, such as your Google searches, Gmail, or information from your Google Account, in this process.

Because we are experimenting with this approach at the moment, only a very small number of users will see these items. Based on our findings, we may expand the program in the future or decide to change our approach.

Here is a full-page screenshot, click to enlarge:

Adsense Ad-format


I just wish there was a way for websites, like this one, to gain a profit or break even [cuz we all know websites cost money to keep up, shame on you if you didnt], without having to use Ads and such that slow down the load of the page. Until that day arrives, I guess good ol Ads will be here for a while.

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