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Virtual Reality Is The Future Of Gaming

Super immersive "Augmented Reality Games" will the computer gaming technology of 2014. Zero Latency, a company specializing in VR technologies is already showcasing their work in this field and from all angles it looks very impressive. Do checkout the video below.


nimd4's picture

Not so sure about it being "the future". I've not yet gotten a 3D monitor, TV; so, why would I care about this (honestly). It looks like buckets of fun and probably is, but once the novelty wears off - I'm not exactly sure how we wouldn't feel like a bunch of idiots sitting on the living-room couch, wearing some funny specs on our faces (like with 3D). Have someone take a picture of, like, the husband, wife and kid: on the couch, with 3D glasses on and then try looking at it, but without cringing. :) :)

It's still the funniest thing - when someone is telling me about their (enormous, lmao) enjoyment: how they were watching this-and-that in 3D, on their ~1000 Euros 3D TV, lolz.

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