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A resume is a summary that showcases your skills, achievements, and qualifications. Through a resume, an employer can decide if a you’re a perfect fit for an interview or a certain job. Having a resume is like having the best weapon in the job hunting space, and always the best tactic ensures success in a mission.

Resume Tips Introduction

In today’s job searching space, only the perfect resume can guarantee the opportunity and ensure that employers can consider you. Building a resume and getting everything together can be an exasperating experience. However, using a resume builder will ease everything up since they got it together.

The need for a perfect resume to get the job you want?

Gives an exceptional first impression
With many resumes to look at, hiring managers will only select the ones with a stellar impression. A shoddy and a poorly written resume will directly cut it to the trash bin, no one will look at it. A good first impression will make an excellent imprint and what to expect of you in the employer’s mind. For this reason, a perfect resume will always stand out as it will be pleasing to the eyes of the employer. If the hiring manager is impressed at first glance, there’s a bigger probability that you will be called for an interview.

Showcases your uniqueness
A perfect resume will display your unique abilities and skills that are valuable for the job you are applying. Potential hiring managers will look at the skills, accomplishments and past experiences to evaluate if you are a perfect candidate for the job post. Well showcased skills are what makes up a resume. If you are new to the market, you probably have no past work history. The only thing to back you up will be your unique skills, talents and educational experience. The way you will present them matters a lot. This is the place to employ templates that showcase your strongest skills first.

Offers a better communication opportunity
A perfect resume will carefully outline the points that a hiring manager will use to know about you. Unlike a live interview, in a perfect resume, nothing can go wrong. You dictate what you want the hiring manager to know and what he/she should know first. This helps in creating the stellar first impression about you before you even meet them. A perfect resume will always back you up in case you forget something during an interview.

A stepping stone for an interview or job
A perfect resume can be enough to get you hired, but not on most cases. Before a hiring manager makes that step, he/she will want to confirm if your personality reflects the impression on the resume. If the resume wasn’t considered in the first place, there will be no interview.

Why you should use a resume builder: Uptowork

Resume Builder Interface

Resume builders perfect the art of resumes. Uptowork resume builder not only perfects this art but also ensures you get the best perfect resume that is outstanding. With professionals on the team, be assured you will get that interview call you’ve been longing for and here is why.

Professional Resume Templates
Resume designs offered at Uptowork are elegant, professional and creative. These qualities help make a resume to stand out. It has 20 templates which are available in 400 colors to create the desired stellar impression and to showcase the most relevant information. The designs can be adapted to suit any format such reverse chronological, functional or combination.

Tips from Recruiters
Coupled with tips from hiring managers, this resume builder provides a detailed step by step guidance on how to make a perfect resume. This tips helps you adapt your resume to the kind of job you are looking forward to apply.

Customize your resume to your liking
Uptowork puts your preferences as their priority. Apart from their creative designs, they allow you to choose the font you wish to use, its size and also spacing. More like an Office suite, you can format the text using tools such as underline, italicize and bold. All these ensure that your resume is perfect.

Features of Uptowork resume builder.

Provides a Cover Letter Builder
A perfect resume is backed by an excellent cover letter, Uptowork offers the same resume templates for their cover letters.

Track Your Resume
Uptowork helps you keep track on how your resume is fairing on in the job market. Low statistics will automatically mean you need to rebuild your resume.

Online Resume Hosting With URL

It's Fast and Easy to Use
With a flexible editor, Uptowork resume build will perfect your resume within minutes.

Modern Resume Templates
Uptowork offers creative professional templates for an elegant professional look on both the cover letter and the resume. You can see all the resume templates here. (

Cons of Uptowork

Like most things that offer perfection, Uptowork has also a downside. Here are a few cons associated with it.
• Only a premium plan guarantees you all the features.
• You must be connected to the internet – it’s an online platform

Conclusion :

Only a perfect resume will guarantee an interview for the applied job. With the dynamic job market, only well-written resume will make it to the hiring managers. The creativity and professionalism of Uptowork will see you through the job market and directly to the interviews.

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I will use it to create my resume for applying to jobs after college.

Will use it to create professional resumes

Great for creating professional looking resumes

I want thus to get better resume

I'm a last year engineering student.I was so desperate about building a good looking resume, now i have one and i will use this onlince resume builder to build my first resume and get my first job.

Anybody who wants custom resume for as low as 1$ contact I accidentally bought subscription on uptowork..

It would be great to have a free premium account of Uptowork, so please send me the one.

I was in search for a new resume template. Thanks for the giveaway.

Who doesn't need a premium resume builder, unless they are actually trying to acheive nirvana.

Currently looking for a new job and this would GREATLY help the process.

This is an amazing application and the look and the feel of the resume's are so professional. I would really love my resume to be in the format provided by your product.

Perfect timing!

I was looking in to clean my resume to look for a better Job.


Uptowork seems amazing!

Please send me a key

Thanks for this giveaway,
I would like to use this for my brother CV, they provide very good templates.


Nice program,count me in.

Elegant as well as clean and simple makes the resume more attractive. Using the sample templates, I will organise my resume into a proper order and approach.
Thanks for the licence.

This a good app to create my cv

Nice giveaway to have

Thank you!

I will make my resume.

this is a good time, I'm planing to leave my company and this will help me build a good CV

An ex communist block citizen when exposed to the western Europe or US work reality,unless is helped by someone con far more experience in the new country of residence,find himself blocked in front of the rules of new society that should integrate him.This service is a shortcut to a faster work integration.

I plan to use this resume builder as my daily driver for job hunting, maybe I will recommend it to my friends!

I plan to use this resume builder as my daily driver for job hunting, maybe I will recommend it to my friends!

This would really beef up my CV, but will it work for companies in Germany?

I don't actively seek work at present, but am regularly tapped on the shoulder to undertake projects through word of mouth. This resume builder will enable me to have something online that answers many of the initial questions I get asked. Timeframes, rates, expertise etc. So glad to get this.


just what my kids and I need

This would be great for myself and my kids , any help with resume's is a bonus....

will be most appreciated as I help my family & friends for designing their resumes

I would use it to get a better job

I'm looking for Summer Internship opportunities and I hope Uptowork will be a great tool to help build my resume!

Really excited to use the premium version.

I'm looking for Summer Internship opportunities and I hope that UpToWork will be of great help in building my resume.

Nice giveaway to have....
Looking for the decent template to refresh my CV.
Count me in too....

I left the job and I am a freelancer now. however its a constant effort to find the right one. Resume builder can support me to keep my resume up to date and easily manageable.

Dear team
This would be a great assistance to me & my friends to get the proper resume for our job search.
Thanks for the offer.

Will use to teach resume building of my peers and students.

This is just what I need as right now Im in searching for new job. Thank you so much!

I would like to make resume for my better job.

I will use it to creat a professional resume with elegant style and apply for a new job.

I would like to use Uptowork to create update and track my resume as a work history record to show what I have done/can do. For my own good in the future.

I will use uptowork to design a new CV for use it!

Create a professional looking CV

This is an excellent service.Thanks for the great work

This will be a great tool for me to use to improve my resume.

Very Nice product with excellent templates

My college is getting over in 3 months and I want to apply for off-campus jobs and I would love a resume that sets me apart.

I will use it to aply for work after a long period of sickness

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Since i´m looking for a job now this would help me a lot

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Thanks for participating, many of you seem to have forgotten to "Share" the article on social-media. Pls. share and send me a screenshot/link for verification so I can dispatch your Premium activation key.

I will use these resume template for applying for job

A way to keep your resume up to date and on-line

I would use to create a better resume.

I cant wait to get hold on this app, in order to explore it potential

I will use to find a new job! So thank you very much, this is the link for the share.


omg I need this badly. Ive been having a hard time finding work and my resume definitely needs a bit of a refresher. this is perfect!

Eagerly waiting for the key

Hopefully this software will be easy to use..
good for job hunt

I will use it to design the best CV ever :D

I will use it to create my resume for applying to jobs.

Plz send me the key

Looking forward to create awesome resume
Please send me key !!!

Dear team
This would be a great assistance to me & my friends to get the proper resume for our job search.
Thanks for the offer.

ty for link guys

Will use it to create professional resumes

I will use it to create my resume for applying to engineering jobs.

I will use it to create my resume for applying to the Junior Game Designer possition.

I will use it to create professional resumes

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I will use this resume builder to apply for data anlayst jobs in USA

What a deal. leave a comment and get a great job. With a little help from uptowork allowing us to create an awesome resume.

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I still got my few days of premium membership....

Good Templates

I will use it to apply for new jobs as I am planning to switch in a different company.

I will use this resume builder to apply for data scientist jobs in USA

Will use this to create CV


I created my resume in half an hour but sadly i can't download it because it's premium

I will use it to create my resume for applying to jobs

I will use it to build my resume for my first job switch.

I created my resume in half an hour but sadly i can't download it because it's premium

This site is awesome... i love it

I have been searching ways to build an appropriate resume for almost five months. Thanks to you its now possible

A recent graduate and need for a IT HELP DESK resume need it for a professional look

I will use it to build my resume for my first job. looks great! Will use this to create my professional CV

Thanks. Will use this to create my professional CV

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An Awesome application to build a profewssional resume. Cheers !

I know this is late but are there any keys left? I need this as I'm currently unemployed and looking to revamp my resume + changing careers. Thank you! :)

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