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Nokia Maps Goes Free As Ovi Maps, Now Accessible Via Web-browser

Ovi MapsNokia Maps application was free but with only basic functionality and required a paid monthly subscription to Nokia Navigation License to enable premium features like turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation, door-to-door pedestrian navigation, travel guides, and traffic information with automatic re-routing. The good news is that Nokia has now made premium features free and access to all the features of Nokia Maps service are now available from Nokia phones via new Ovi Maps application.

Nokia Ovi Maps

Ovi Maps is currently compatible with ten Nokia handsets namely X6, N97 mini, E72, E55, E52, 6730 classic, 6710 Navigator, 5800 XpressMusic, 5800 Navigation Edition and 5230 offering 2D/3D mapping-data in 46 languages having coverage for 180 countries, Turn-by-turn coverage in 74 countries and traffic-data for 10 countries. All GPS-enabled handset sold from March 2010 will have maps pre-loaded - if you own a supported device as listed above you can download Ovi Maps right now and start using the application.

To download and install Ovi Maps on compatible handsets simply point you mobile web-browser to and follow on-screen instructions, here are few screenshots to give you an idea :

Nokia Ovi Maps Installation
Nokia Ovi Maps Installation
Nokia Ovi Maps Installation
Nokia Ovi Maps Installation
Nokia Ovi Maps Installation
Nokia Ovi Maps Language Download

Nokia Ovi Maps is also accessible in full 2D and 3D (requires browser plugin installation) glory from any web-browser, simply visit in your web-browser to start using it, to use 3D and night-mode features you need to install a small browser addon.

Ovi Maps Online


recently I've installed latest version ovi map into my navigator and when start navigating for a few second the phone asked me to go for shopping and I denied it then the navigating mode was stopped immedietly. What was wrong I can't figure out and yet navigation was failed. Seek advice. tq

the same issue with Nokia 6120c

The same issue with Nokia 5630 Express Music and Nokia 6720c (Nokia Ovi Maps v3)

When I accept to go for shopping, it says that I have to pay month/year subscription for the navigation feature... Is this Nokia Ovi Maps realy free? :(

Is this also available for Nokia N97? I do not know the difference between N97 and Mini. Thanks.

I need a navigation licence for my Nokia X3 maps..Pleease, South african version of Ovi maps 3.0

I've had it with the stupid nokia.... I'm throwing my 5730 xpress music against a goddamn wall..
I'm switching to Iphone..

Unable to purchase map licence online through Nokia 5730.
What is the alternative way ?

Thank you.

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