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WinMend Folder Hidden - Best Free Utility To Hide And Lock Folders Instantly

WinmendThere are quite a few free instant folder hiding and locking utilities for Windows, but WinMend Folder Hidden would be the most easiest and feature-rich free file and folder locking utility of them all, the software allows users to hide and protect multiple files and folders using password on local partitions and removable devices, the best part is that the data once hidden remains invisible even when accessed from another operating system on the same computer or another machine.

Winmend Hidden Folders Main Interface

The hiding/unhiding process is instant and can also be used to hide/lock files and folders on removable data storage devices like USB pendrives and memory cards.

Download WinMend Folder Hidden [1.57 MB] >>


be careful when you're using this program. After I tried and tested, the files/folder were hidden in the RECYCLER directory. Once someone delete this folder (even the RECYCLER folder itself is not deleted), your data will lost..

The recycler folder cannot be deleted, winmend capitalized on a long standing bug on microsoft OS that cannot delete long file names under any of its operating systems.

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