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Infographic - Why You Should Not Buy A Mac ?


Thats some bias shit. Look at the most expensive and powerful compute apple sell.

Apples most powerful "computer" is over priced was well. All it is is Mac's OS and a case that looks fancy. Deep down it is a Intel processor, Asus Mother board, corsair ram, and other stuff apple doesn't make. You can buy it for around 8,000 to 12,000 Dollars. You can make your own, or hire someone to make a computer for you with better specs for less money.

Nice Brake down!
omg i have never thought of it this way!!
and iim an SURE not every other company in the world does the same.
true apple may over price some parts but hey knowledge is power, i cant quote how said it because i don't know, and if you are stupid and dont know how to change RAM you deserve to get charged 300$ or more some RAM.

All product apple produce is way too expensive, be it the computers or the iphone, or ipad all of those products are overpriced, I don't know why but I think it's the apple in apple's products :).

an other thing, people who are fans for Mac, frankly you could build a more powerful and up to date system with the 3000$ than the Mac you could buy and there is many review in the internet -just google it- showing PC VS MAC in term of price/performance -of course PC won- so don't lie to yourself and others.

Yeah, you can install os on any other pc, but Mac have cool things such as big screens, magic mouses, track pads and MacBook air so thin.......

this is super outdated! lol

Completely agree with this jimbobmanyman guy - I saw this on 4chan like 2-3 years ago or so. This is really really old, and I'm still surprised that alot of people haven't seen it yet.

It is true, if you dont believe me look up (GOOGLE!) "hacintosh" .. All old mac hardware platform runs Dual-core... Latest Mac platform run i think atomic if I am mistaken sorry not a "MAC" user. I do find that those MAC computer that run in the $1,000 are complete ripoff. The OS is great but you can create your own "MAC" with a $600 or $400 laptop from ACER. The hardware is basically same, no difference... well other then price of course. MAC use a different interface... WINDOW need EFI for ROM and DOS for RAM ... MAC os uses OSx68... I have worked on "HACINTOSH" before for my clients and all installed perfectly without issue and was able to multi-boot to windows and linux without some small issue unless through external USB HDD which had no issue effect. I saved my clients an expensive price-tag and earned a nice pretty penny.

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