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PUMP - Free Utility To Search, Download, Manage, Share And Sync Videos

PUMPThe company behind hybrid online file-storage service VIPeers is ready with their brand new all-in-one video downloading and management application PUMP, the free utility allows users to search, download, manage, share and sync videos from various streaming and torrent sites via an easy to use integrated interface.

PUMP Flowchart

PUMP can be described as an fusion of BitTorrent client, a browser, an RSS client, a download manager and a meta-search engine providing you an complete solution to search, download and share video content easily, the utility is currently under private beta and requires an invitation code to download, luckily we have been provided 1000 invite-codes for our blog readers to try things out.


To download using our invite-code visit the PUMP homepage and click the download link, when asked for an invite code enter PUMP-MEGALEECHER-1000 and you are ready to go.

VIPeers PUMP In Action


The article says you have 1000 invitations, your tracker only shows 605 reads, but your code "PUMP-MEGALEECHER-1000" returns an "Invalid Invitation Code" message! What's up?

The invite provided by MegaLeecher still works.

Q. Does this act as a auto downloader for MegaUpload, Rapidshare etc?


Usually by the time I get the Newsletter therehave been numerous Reads. Anyway to speed up receipt? I am Looking!

MY mail add is please give me a invite, for pump

Please give me a invite, for pump.

Tahnks in advance :)


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