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How To Restore File/Folder From an R1Soft CDP Recovery Image

R1soft LogoHaving backups is very crucial and when you are running a server it becomes even more important. Recently, I encountered a similar situation where an important folder got deleted which resulted in broken website functionality - luckily my linux server has automatic R1Soft CDP (Continuous Data Backup) installed which saved me from a lot of hassle. While searching the internet for an easy to use tutorial on how to restore files from an R1Soft recovery image, I found nothing good for the latest version of the software (CDP 3.0) - so here is an easy to follow visual walk-through of the process.

CDP Working

How to restore file(s)/folder(s) from an R1Soft CDP Backup Image :

  1. Login to your R1Soft CDP web-interface management console.
  2. Now, Navigate as shown number-wise in following image - Click "Recovery Point" -> "ID" -> "Browse" icon.
  3. CDN recovery image
  4. Browse the file-system and locate the file(s)/folder(s) you want recovered from the backup, tick the corresponding "check-box" and click "Restore" button to directly restore to the server or "Download" to save locally on your computer.
  5. backup restore
  6. Confirm the restore and proceed.
  7. confirm auto server restore
  8. Auto file-recovery to server.
  9. restore progress
    restore completed
  10. If the report above says all OK, you have now successfully restored the file/folder to your live server.

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