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Rapidshare Introduces HappyHours For Premium Customers

Rapidshare LogoRapidshare premium users were very disappointed when the leading file-hoster decided to cut heavily on premium users daily download bandwidth, to provide some relief to heavy-downloaders the service has now announced Rapidshare Happy Hours for Premium customers, during HappyHours only 10% of data downloaded will be counted to your traffic balance for example if you download 500 MB during HappyHours, only 50 MB will get deducted from your daily traffic-limit, same applies to use of RapidPoints and TrafficShare for your downloads.

Currently HappyHours will be effective from 2 A.M. to 10 A.M. Central European Time, daily unused traffic accumulation limit is also relaxed to 15 GB from earlier 12 GB.


Very Good idea
thanks :)

that works 4 me

nice to see

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