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SoliCall - Personalized Noise Reduction For Clearing Background Noise During Your Phone Calls

If you are looking for a free solution to get rid of unwanted background noise while talking with your PC microphone this post is for you, SoliCall the developers of unique patent-pending personalized noise reduction technology offers free software for personal use allowing users to reduce unwanted background noises during IM and VOIP calls, SoliCall’s advance algorithm works by identifying the speaker’s voice and extracting it from the audio signal delivering better quality clean audio as output.

Noise Reduction Graph

Apart from cleaning background noise, SoliCall also reduces echo for better voice quality, with the ability to record calls SoliCall is a pretty decent software and should come useful for regular PC-To-PC and PC-To-Phone callers.

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I'll get back here to post my comment after trying this for a week. If this is totally free then I guess I can not complain.

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